I don’t know if this is shocking or laughable ?

State Senate compounding bill exempts hospital pharmacies http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/health-wellness/2013/10/31/senate-compounding-bill-would-exempt-hospital-pharmacies/4VbAj1gjBS0ECh84kes7NO/story.html Guess what state this is….. Massachusetts ! The MABOP has such a stellar record on inspecting high risk compounding pharmacies – Remember New England Compounding Center ? The only thing that comes to mind is “what were they thinking ?”

This makes some interesting reading

These show up in my inbox today… Krueger Investments LLC et al v. Cardinal Health 110 Incorporated order deny dea subpoena CV 12-0618-PHX-JAT order deny preliminary injunction This is a court case between Cardinal Wholesaler and two independent pharmacy with common ownership. Reader’s digest  points … Cardinal cut off the pharmacies from buying controls meds […]

If you know something … say something !

There are rumors on the street that some of the drug wholesalers are “cutting off” pharmacies – especially independents  – from buying any/all control medications.. because the wholesaler perceives that the pharmacy is buying/selling to many control medications. Reportedly, this is not the result of a BOP or DEA investigation or audit. Presumably it is […]

Everything at this CVS is just “ducky”

what can I say?…. CVS’ s customers are “quackers”  ?

too big to fail too small to matter

Back in July I wrote abt a RPh in the soutwest.. https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=3982  that the pharmacy’s wholesaler ( Cardinal) decided that the pharmacy was buying too many C-II’s and decided that they did not want to provide the pharmacy any more control drugs. Here is a email that I received from this Pharmacist today We are […]

Irresponsibility doesn’t stop at the Rx counter ?

Jury awards $455,563 judgment against CVS Pharmacy From the article: “Companies like CVS simply have to be held accountable for violating safety rules because if they aren’t, they will continue their conduct of breaking safety rules and cutting corners, putting us all at risk,” co-counsel Timothy Schafer II said. “It was clear that CVS withheld evidence from […]

Leave no stone unturned…

Drug firms ordered to turn over shipment records to W.Va. ‘pill mills’ From the article: CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Four out-of-state drug companies must disclose their shipments of prescription pills to West Virginia pharmacies over the past five years, a Boone County judge ruled Thursday. Who believes that anything will be successful in stopping certain population […]

Is the ice getting thinner ?

I have heard from a couple of friends who are hospital RPH’s.. and things are not looking good in the mid-west “pharmacy land” One RPH.. told me that the census at their hospital should be 50% higher than it currently is… Another RPh told me that the RPH staff in their “hospital system” has been […]

As long as you are not part of the 2.6%

Express Scripts Moves to Exclude Drugs From National Formulary From the article: Express Scripts has for the first time decided to exclude a few dozen drugs from its preferred formulary. The leading pharmacy benefits manager, or PBM, took the decision in a bid to counter steadily rising prices for brand-name medications, the increasing use of […]

Is it epidemic ?

Audit: N.C. pharmacy board failed to adequately inspect pharmacies From the article: According to records reviewed by state auditors, 35 percent of pharmacies have not been inspected in four or more years and about 21 percent were not inspected in the past six years or more. “Not regularly inspecting pharmacies could allow problems that threaten […]