Walgreens joins up with Independents to form new network

According to a article in DRUG TOPICS AAP joins nationwide alliance of pharmacies forming RxAlly This alliance joins 20K pharmacies.. that means potentially 1/3 of the entire community pharmacy network could become one single negotiating entity for third party contracts 🙂 It has been reported that Walgreens is encouraging their Pharmacists to encourage the ESI […]

Do you think that there is an agenda here?

There’s a entity called NEW ENGLAND CABLE NEWS www.NECN.com with the headlines Painkiller prescriptions drop in key Ohio counties A few counties in OHIO reduction in “pain killers” prescribed is newsworthy in NEW ENGLAND? Does anyone believe that a reduction in rapes, murders, drunk drivers in a few counties 600+ miles away would have been […]

Consumerology® and ESI

Here is a article from MARKET WATCH…. About Express ScriptsExpress Scripts, Inc., one of the largest pharmacy benefit management companies in North America, is leading the way toward creating better health and value for patients through Consumerology®, the advanced application of the behavioral sciences to healthcare. This approach is helping millions of patients realize greater […]

So you think that it is all about improving quality of life?

As I have stated before… I temp in LTC… When you are expected to review >60 Rxs/hr plus a another handful of tasks, do don’t always ready all the fine print… Last night something caught my eye… It was physician authorization for a substitute due to a non coverage by an insurance company. On this […]

Maybe why people don’t understand what we do

As a recent quote from one of the heads of a PBM… Nexium is Nexium… it really doesn’t matter who COUNTS IT!. Could it be that we are our own worse enemy? Look at your practice setting… the most contact the people have with us in the retail/community setting. What do we do when we […]

Two thumbs up for this Pharmacist

Deer Park Washington this Pharmacist had dealt with this robber once too often. After being robbed two times previously by this person, she soaked him with BEAR PEPPER SPRAY. This stuff is no small matter … can be purchased in aerosol can as large as 13 oz+. This is serious stuff. According to the door […]

Court says pharmacists can’t be forced to dispense morning-after pill

In the WASHINGTON POST the courts have come down that a Pharmacist does not have to dispense morning after or birth control pills if they have moral objections. IMO.. this is a slippery slope… what other “morally objectionable” medications are going to come under this ruling. Can a RPH who believes taking any controlled substance […]

Is it time for a corporate PIC?

When most of our practice acts were written the Pharmacist in Charge and the owner/permit holder were typically one and the same. Today the vast majority of pharmacies are owned by corporations. Also most of the Rx dept layouts, policy and procedures, staffing levels and numerous other things that can and does affect med errors […]

Expectations above and beyond…

I realize that when dealing with a actively dying patient and their family can be a trying time for all involved, but when the LTC staff does little to nothing to help deal with the unreasonable requests of the patient’s family.. even to go as far as to encourage their unreasonable requests, things can get […]

This is what happens when your state has no RPH to tech ratios !

This is a place I temp at… This state has no RPH to tech ratios.. it is basically the wild west. This is a long term care pharmacy. This is just ORDER ENTRY and TRIAGE… including two RPh’s… this group does not include that portion of the staff that FILLS orders !.. another 6 +/- […]