I just got a phone call !

I just got a automated phone call from EXPRESS SCRIPTS… wanting to let me know that I could have “home delivery” of my prescriptions and that I could “save money” by talking to one of their representatives ….so that they could transfer my prescriptions to them. Has anyone else noticed that all the push for […]

Four WVA Rite Aid stores – selling 25 +/- each of boxes of PSE each day

According to a AP news release These four stores were each selling SIX-SEVEN times store of similar size in the rest of the state… According to the article: The stores aren’t doing anything wrong, said Lt. Mike Goff, the State Police’s clandestine laboratory training and response coordinator. They follow existing state law by selling pseudoephedrine […]

NCPA, NACDS & others file lawsuit against ESI/Medco proposed merger


And they say that crime doesn’t pay !

We all remember the Pharmacist that shot one of two robbery in a armed robbery a couple of years ago… the Pharmacist was convicted of first degree murder… however there as been a settlement with the Mother of one of the robbers

If you want to have input into technician certification and training — take survey


Where do we need to draw the line? — it is about patient safety…. stupid !

Are we individually and collectively being walked toward an legal abyss?  More and more states are taking the term “Pharmacist in Charge (PIC)” out of the practice act and replacing it with terms like “Qualifying Pharmacist” or “Pharmacist Manager”.. what they haven’t changed is that this person is still legally responsible for the legal operation […]

The Supreme Court takes up Obamacare this week

Depending on the decision of the Supreme Court this week on the constitutionality of what is commonly refer to as Obamacare. Or as it is officially known as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Could this  be the salvation for pharmacy and Pharmacists or could we just dropped down a another level or two of […]

Should this be posted in every pharmacy?

Should patients be made aware that if they want “fast food medicine” they may end up with “fast food” accuracy !

CVS Caremark mistakenly sends personal information about drugs and medical conditions to wrong members of Medicare prescription plan

Is no one paying attention at CVS? Here is a second link The mistake was due to an unspecified “programming error”   – who is going to believe this?? Can you spell MAJOR HIPAA VIOLATION? I am going to go out on a limb on this one… this will either disappear.. or CVS will pay some […]

Let’s Play !!

  The balance of this decade could look like a season of Survivor. Like some, I believe that there could be a lot of POTENTIALS for Pharmacists over the next decade+.  Most of the Pharmacists now in practice have always been the “hunted”, you could quit a job and find another one in days. Headhunters […]