If I had dentures .. I would have dropped them last night…

This may be a surprise to some…but.. I tend to lean politically to “the right ” and have certain libertarian tendencies …  Even before the Supreme Court decided that Obamacare was a TAX and was legal… I really didn’t think that it would really get fully implemented… but… after they see how much it is […]

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up !

I suspect that there are few Pharmacists alive that can remember when  “good jobs” were not readily available.  I can remember when Walgreen’s cancelled all their agreements with their “Walgreen’s Agency Stores”… basically a competitor to those indy Rexall Stores.. and Walgreens had a near term goal of having 1000  company stores… NATIONALLY. Our profession […]

I’m Back…

I have been gone for the past two weeks… helping our daughter move from the west coast (Oakland, CA) to east coast ( Durham, NC)…  As a dedicated Father of a only daughter… I flew out from our Indiana home on the 16th (Thursday) to Oakland…  Friday picked up a 16′ box truck (I had […]

Where is all the money going?

Fortunately – or unfortunately – my pharmacy memories goes back a great deal. My first summer working in a drug store was the summer of 1967. Medicare/Medicaid was a new concept. There were no “drug cards”, if fact bank charge cards were a novelty. That first summer, I got to do a gross profit survey […]

We are not alone

Here is a article  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/14/indiana-att-technicians-class-action-lawsuit-lunch-breaks_n_1777166.html?utm_hp_ref=business If you can imagine this Indiana AT&T Technicians File Class Action Lawsuit Citing Grim Break Conditions the Company’s productivity-based performance ranking system puts the technicians under significant pressure to work through unpaid lunch breaks in order to complete as many jobs as possible in each work shift.” But they are […]

Who is next?

Have you ever counted the number of  “customer service points” that the typical Rx dept has… maybe two drive-thru lanes, maybe two registers, how many phone lines?…plus the fax machine and now the E-que. I read today that the typical nurse-in-a-box charge for a visit has moved from the $40’s to $70… If you have […]

What can you do .. they are in the driver’s seat !

A few years ago… that statement “they’re in the driver’s seat” would apply to Pharmacists …because there was a shortage reportedly as high as 6000 unfilled job slots. When we were in the driver’s seat… collectively what did we do??  I have heard of RPH’s who took sign on bonuses … satisfied the terms of […]

Would you believe…

Here is a WHOLE WEBSITE devoted to WORKPLACE  BULLYING http://www.workplacebullying.org/ The question has to be asked… Is there a line that management crosses… when “good management “… becomes “management by abuse”? Will HR/CCO acknowledge such “abuse” and take action to enforce the company’s P&P? Or is HR/CCO just waiting for someone to start filing complaints […]

Rite Aid has just validated what I have been saying all along

This past week a nationally high profile Pharmacist ( http://www.drugmonkey.blogspot.com ) that worked for Rite Aid in California was FIRED  because he make the following statement on his blog concerning the authorized union strike against Rite Aid in California and a comment on his blog about a person who claimed that he/she would break the […]

It will be interesting who lines up for/against this proposed legislation

S. 3474: Protecting Students from Worthless Degrees Act http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/s3474/text This may have a chance of passing since the LEGAL PROFESSION is in worse shape than Pharmacy… they are graduating 10K more a year than needed. Anyone wish to take a guess on where NACDS and the PBM industry will stand on this issue?