New Adventure !

Ask the Pharmacist: Why Am I Being Denied a Pain Medication? I have been asked to become a regular columnist on the National Pain Report. My first column appeared today. In theory.. it is suppose to be sort of a “Dear Abby” column

Did I hear someone say CONFLICT OF INTEREST ?

Pharmacy board’s actions raise questions about ethics, patient privacy, safety A few years ago Kevin McCoy with USA TODAY did a story on about the Boards of Pharmacies (BOP) that 75% of the BOP’s had chain execs sitting on them.. From the article: A powerful member of the Indiana Board of Pharmacy was […]

Can you spell C-L-A-S-S A-C-T-I-O-N

Some of us believe that it was a matter of time !  According to this letter two former and one current CVS employees apparently found their “back bone”… and apparently this may only applies to CALF labor laws.. It is not clear if Pharmacists are to be included in this class action lawsuit. I have […]

Too much or to little lithium in the water ?

I recently wrote about the issue of   Justina Pelletier I also recently wrote about Gov Patrick… “playing doctor ” Then I remembered about NECC   or you can just go to my website and put “NECC” in the search window.. What does all of these things have in common???  the bureaucracy […]

Slaves for Walgreens Blog !

Slaves for Walgreens Apparently a disgruntled/disillusioned RPH that works/worked for WAGS started this blog TWO YEARS AGO..  The fact that this blog has been stagnant for two years.. maybe this RPH also got discouraged because no one comment… and stopped blogging… I suspect that this blog does not comply with WAG’S social media policy.. but […]

Corp Social Media Policy ?

If  you wish to talk about Pharmacy If you want to talk to anyone in the media If  you want to talk about medication errors If you want to talk about controlled med filling policy If you want to talk about the company.. unless from company’s approved “talking points” If you want to tell anyone […]

Is our system crumbling ?

Massachusetts Declares Health Emergency, Bans Zohydro First it was the Feds making MJ a illegal product and nearly two dozen states have now made its use from recreational to medical uses legal in their state.. Now we have the FDA to approve a drug and the State of MASS.. declares a “health emergency” and […]

DEA expanding its “hits list ” ?

DEA investigating Costco Hydrocodone dispensing in California I guess while they were in CALF fining CVS for 29,000 doses of opiates that were unaccounted for .. They would find another “target” .. maybe they thought that they have got as much as they could out of Walgreens and CVS for a while. From the […]

Best care at the least cost.. or just reduce costs ?

The worst news in healthcare is the increasing number angry physicians! From the article: The logic has been that if the physician is squeezed to do less, he or she will order fewer tests, few medications, as a result of which the cost of medicine will be reduced. The same logic has been applied […]

If this is the “ghost of ACA future” give me the poison pill now !

TORN APART BY THE SYSTEM Mass. gets permanent custody of teen Family of Justina Pelletier devastated after Mass. judge’s ruling MASS started a ACA type of state wide healthcare a few years ago.. the template for what Congress passed as our national ACA.. that started the first of the year.. If you have not […]