Too much or to little lithium in the water ?

I recently wrote about the issue of   Justina Pelletier

I also recently wrote about Gov Patrick… “playing doctor ”

Then I remembered about NECC   or you can just go to my website and put “NECC” in the search window..

What does all of these things have in common???  the bureaucracy of Massachusetts… from the BOP…. to the Governor’s office.. to the Judicial system

It was announced tonight.. that according to MASS law.. when the state takes over the custody of a child/person.. that child/person can be used for/in clinical trials..

The young neurologist and psychologist, that caused the state to start this process over one year ago are reportedly over clinical trials for somatoform disorder and guess what Justina was diagnosed with —- somatoform disorder — as opposed to being previously diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease BY A EXPERT and had been treated for this disease for several years.. and Mitochondrial disease is a genetic disease and Justina’s older sister also has this disease.

Right now Justina has been transferred to a mental health facility.. for treatment of a disease ( somatoform disorder) that is normally treated on a out patient basis.

You want more info… just do a web search of “Justina Pelletier”  or “Gov Deval Patrick ” or “New England Compounding Center” and just see how many hundreds of webpages will come up.

If all of this is in the news.. one can only imagine what has gone on in MASS.. that no one has found out about yet .. or has come to light !

This needs information needs to be spread EVERYWHERE… so that the bureaucrats in MASS .. feels the pressure.

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