Pain Patients Call Herbal Supplement Kratom a ‘Lifesaver’ and Alternative to Opiates

A few months ago, KX News ran a story about a local doctor’s concerns about Kratom. It’s an herbal medication that’s sold in the US as a supplement. It is often used as a substitute for opioids to relieve pain. The story went virtually viral in the Kratom community, nationwide. For months we received daily […]

Johnson & Johnson’s Shameless Exploitation of the Opioid Crisis

Johnson & Johnson’s Shameless Exploitation of the Opioid Crisis If you’re in the mood to get really pissed off feel free to visit But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Of course, this is just my opinion, but it would seem that Johnson and Johnson is doing a splendid job of trying to boost […]

I sense a clinical study designed to reach a predetermine conclusion

FDA takes fresh look at whether opioids are effective for chronic pain Lenny Bernstein and Laurie McGinley, Washington Post • February 26, 2019 8:32 am The Food and Drug Administration will require drug companies to study whether prescription opioids already on the market are effective in quelling chronic pain – another step in the […]

Another story of HOW MUCH IS A LIFE WORTH ?

PBM Delays for Cancer Drugs May Risk Lives, Warn Oncologists The patient had metastatic kidney cancer, and his oncologist was seeking to treat him with sunitinib malate (Sutent, Pfizer), a preferred first-line oral therapy. But the patient’s pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) refused to cover the cost of the medication. The PBM told the oncologist […]

What is the value of a human life ? United Health < $2000 ?

Carrie Ann Lucas, Disability Rights Activist and Attorney, Dies Following Denial From Insurance Company Carrie Ann Lucas was instrumental in getting the Colorado legislature to pass the “Family Preservation for Parents with Disability Act,” which aims to ensure that parents with disabilities are not discriminated against by the child welfare system. On Sunday, the […]

Rare Disease facts for Rare Disease Day 2019

Patient lawsuit against IDSA and insurers moves forward in Texas

Patient lawsuit against IDSA and insurers moves forward in Texas A federal lawsuit that may just validate the pain of thousands of Lyme disease patients – and the flaws in prevailing tests and treatments — is moving ahead in a Texas courthouse, despite attempts to kill it. The lawsuit’s progress is a big development […]

Family of local veteran who died plans to sue Jacksonville nursing home JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The family of a local veteran plans to sue a Jacksonville nursing home, after a Florida Department of Children and Families investigation found evidence his death was related to inadequate supervision and neglect. Tom Edwards, the attorney for York Spratling’s family, described the 86-year-old as an honorable man who died […]

‘Effectively-organized-up or quilt-up?’ Horsham drugmaker performs one-man military in opposition to FDA in opioid crisis – Edwin Thompson, the president of a pharmaceutical company in Horsham, Pa., didn’t abet encourage when he confirmed up at an FDA advisory committee assembly final June to chat about opioids. “The root motive of the opioid epidemic is the illegal FDA approval of opioids for the therapy of chronic wretchedness,” Thompson said, urging a […]

Hoorah Robert D. Jr. Rose and the fourteen civilians suing our government over barbaric practices!