Pharmacist stated that although the frequency was changed she wouldn’t be filling it at that time.

Mr. Ariens, I am writing you in regards to a recent incident that occurred when I was trying to obtain a prescription from a local pharmacy. The prescription was for a narcotic that I take on a daily basis and have been doing so for several years now. I take this medication for severe chronic […]

AMERICAN LEGION PUSHES CONGRESS Feb 28, 2018 — “In written testimony prepared for the congressional committees, the Legion’s Rohan called on lawmakers and the Trump administration to take three specific steps: Immediately reschedule cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III on the DEA Controlled Substance Act Scheduling. „ Direct departments and agencies within the administration to fully cooperate in […]

How many other chronic diseases have a TWO YEAR treatment limit… then treatment stops ?

Another year, another record number of overdose deaths In 2017, Maine set another record — 418 people died of drug overdoses. For all the talk in recent years about confronting the opioid crisis, this number shows that Maine leaders have completely failed. There are many steps that could be taken, if lawmakers support them […]

Maybe you should find another company !

A couple of weeks ago, I got a refill for Barb at the local independent we patronize… It is a longtime available generic and the copay was $60.00 and they paid the pharmacy $16.72. I thought that purchasing generics was suppose to save everyone money…  We have Silver Scripts – which is part of CVS […]


I was watching the TV news tonight and Pres Trump and a whole large table of members of Congress discussing “gun control”.. and the proposed solution of “enhanced background checks” on people who wish to purchase a gun..  There can be many parallels drawn between guns and opiates… Both have manufacturers  (guns and ammunition) Both […]

There must be a MEDICAL DEITY somewhere

I just tried to get my morphine filled. I take six pill day  15 mg.  the pharmacist said he can only fill 5.6 pills per day . So my dr has to write new prescription. Any input Steve. Forcing everyone on Hospice ? Six Morphine 15 mg/day is 90 MME… which is the “recommended daily […]


LAST DAY TO MAKE COMMENT   SOS: FDA CONSIDERING REMOVAL OF HIGH DOSE OPIOIDS – this one is DIRE for ANYONE utilizing opioids. USE THIS LINK PLEASE SHARE/Copy&Paste encouraged/please ask admins first before posting in other groups/FDA deadline Weds. 2/28/18 Andrew Kolodny and PROP has submitted a petition to the FDA that could threaten […]

DEA’s role in two operations in Mexico that resulted in dozens, perhaps hundreds, of deaths

Top Lawmakers Call for Investigation of DEA-Led Unit in Mexico Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate cited ProPublica’s reporting into the DEA’s role in two operations in Mexico that resulted in dozens, perhaps hundreds, of deaths. by Ginger Thompson Feb. 27, 12:35 p.m. EST Powerful Democrats in both the House and Senate […]

the appointment i hear his footsteps approach the exam room, my breath catches as thoughts race. my pulse quickens, i feel slightly sick… memories flood past…playing with my children, grandchildren, babies chortling, making music with friends, farming…further birth, weddings, falling in love, childhood.. all accomplished with some level of pain, the last twenty years with […]

Florida school shooting: Students to march on Washington Young survivors of Wednesday’s school shooting in Florida have announced a national march on Washington to demand political action on gun control. Student organisers told US media that they were determined to make Wednesday’s shooting a turning point in the national gun debate. The attack, which left 17 students and staff members dead, was […]