US committee finds China is subsidizing American fentanyl crisis

It has been reported that the majority of those Americans OD/poisoned by illegal Fentanyl are of “military age”. That age bracket ( M&F ) contains about 60-65 million citizens.  Abt 100,000/yr die from the use/abuse of illegal fentanyl.  In a single year, that is more dying than all the years of war we were in […]

US drug shortages hit all-time high, pharmacists warn: 323 active drug shortages

And what is the FDA’s recommendation?: Buy more of these medications from CHINA! US drug shortages hit all-time high, pharmacists warn Data shows that there are 323 active drug shortages Drug shortages in the U.S. are at an all-time high, and some of the medications in short supply are life-saving chemotherapy drugs and emergency […]

Jon Stewart On The False Promises of AI | The Daily Show

How scammers have sunk to a new low with an AI obituary scam targeting the grieving

How scammers have sunk to a new low with an AI obituary scam targeting the grieving Don’t fall for this heartless trick by crooks trying to take advantage of your time of sadness As if scammers couldn’t sink any lower, there’s a new online scam taking advantage of grieving people. It’s a strange pirate […]

HHS: SAME OLD PIG – just new color of lipstick

HHS OIG Toolkits for Calculating Opioid Levels and Identifying Patients At Risk of Misuse or Overdose WHAT ARE THE TOOLKITS? OIG has developed two toolkits that provide detailed steps for using prescription drug claims data to analyze patients’ opioid levels to identify certain patients at risk of opioid misuse or overdose. The first toolkit […]

United Health Care for ALL

Why Aren’t Pharmacies Filling My Patient’s Life-Saving Medication?

Abt 15 yrs ago, I was working only as a “temp/locum” Pharmacist as an independent contractor. I had signed up with several Pharmacist temp services and I was working in all kinds of community pharmacies from independent pharmacies to Big Box stores. The technician brought to me a refill for a Suboxone, which was a […]

Anti-abortion politicians are now trying to take away people’s power to get emergency care if they are facing severe complications during pregnancy

Has anyone ever reached out to ACLU about denial of care at the Emergency Dept concerning your pain? I got this from ACLU this AM.  Apparently, according to this ACLU email, only pregnant females who are denied care at a ED with long-standing protections to access necessary emergency care at hospitals are being discriminated against. […]

Pharmacy desert coming to a town near you?

If you are patronizing any pharmacy that has/will close, expect to start getting emails, letters, etc.. communication(s) from your insurance/PBM promoting moving your meds over to their mail-order pharmacy. They will tell you how convenient their mail-order service is – they won’t tell you that your medications will often be subjected to temperatures that are […]

CMS finalizes 2025 Medicare Advantage rule: 11 key updates

CMS finalizes 2025 Medicare Advantage rule: 11 key updates CMS issued its final 2025 Medicare Advantage and Part D rule April 4, setting new standards around marketing, broker payments, and prior authorization. Here are 11 things to know about CMS’ final rule:  CMS set a fixed amount that agents and brokers can be compensated […]