what a revelation….

Minimize Errors At The Pharmacy http://newsone.com/2650753/minimize-errors-at-the-pharmacy/ From the article: Each year in the US, over 98,000 deaths are attributed to medical errors. As the patient, you have a personal responsibility to look up the medication you are taking and familiarize yourself with the usual dosages and usual side-effects.  Know what you are taking! Imagine that .. […]

The word just keeps sreading about CVS being sued by former PIC/RPH

Pharmacists Be On Guard! For the Protection of Your Patients and Yourselves http://www.pharmacistactivist.com/2013/July_2013.shtml This monthly news letter is written by Daniel A. Hussar, who also happens to be a pharmacy professor and Joe Zorek’s former professor.. He has been writing this newsletter since 2006… so you can just imagine how many readers he must have […]

Is the worm turning ?

Walgreens must pay woman $1.44 million over HIPAA violation http://www.indystar.com/article/20130726/NEWS/307260079/Walgreens-must-pay-woman-1-44-million-over-HIPAA-violation?nclick_check=1 For the second time in a week, WAGS in Indianapolis has been in the news …   https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=4058 It is my understanding that Indianapolis in one of WAGS’ pilot market for their “Pharmacist out front program”… Is their innovation in pharmacy practice coming up short? Generally […]

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation..

After Obamacare is implemented THIRTY MILLION people will still be without health insurance… about one out of 10 Americans Which, if true.. sixty per-cent of the people that don’t have health insurance now.. will remain without health insurance .. How great is that ?

Metrics first… patient service second ?

Today my wife saw her new Cardiologist… after a very rough encounter with a previous Cardiologist https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=3987 Long story short.. IMO.. this new Cardiologist makes the previous one look like a …well… not the sharpest knife in the drawer.. This practice is owned by one of the local hospitals…  My wife’s appt was for 11:00.. […]

Senate working under the “cover of darkness”?

I got this email from NCPA (National Community Pharmacists Assoc) today. Admittedly, I don’t really have a dog in this fight.. but.. if it affects pharmacy/Pharmacists.. it should be important to all of us. To further regulate pharmacy compounding, the US Senate is attempting to pass legislation through a process known as “Unanimous Consent” before […]

Isn’t this what we call TORTURE.. if we did it to those terrorist who want to kill us ?

Walgreens pharmacists now turning away some customers who need pain meds http://www.wthr.com/story/22916123/2013/07/23/walgreens-pharmacists-now-turning-away-some-customers-who-need-pain-meds IS “AMERICA’S PHARMACY” “torturing” pts ? If you hit someone with a hammer it hurts… I think that the police call this assault & battery… if you “take away” a chronic pain pt’s medication and they go into withdrawal and the pain level […]

The closer it gets the more expensive it gets ?

As many of you know, I started on Medicare in June 2012..and purchased a Medicare supplement.. from a mutual company.. because they don’t have any stock holders and basically not for profit.. The policy was much cheaper 20% -30% than the entity that sells the most supplements.. mostly because they are endorsed by AARP. Maybe […]

Reasonable accomodations ?

By now everyone has heard about Joe Zorek and his whistle blower lawsuit with CVS… he also has a EEOC lawsuit as well … The ADA requires an employer to make reasonable accommodation for people with handicaps.. This is pictures of the “reasonable accommodations” that they provided Joe.. Notice that the chair seems to have […]

News of the former CVS RPH/PIC whistleblower lawsuit spreading

Harrisburg pharmacist sues CVS Caremark, alleging staff cuts endanger patients http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/phillypharma/Harrisburg-pharmacist-sues-CVS-Caremark-alleging-staff-cuts-endanger-patients.html I am hearing a new rally cry of a growing number of RPH’s …   several years ago… a few dozen RPh’s formed The Pharmacy Alliance with the concept of bringing back the control of the profession to the professionals that it belongs to   […]