The word just keeps sreading about CVS being sued by former PIC/RPH

Pharmacists Be On Guard!
For the Protection of Your Patients and Yourselves

This monthly news letter is written by Daniel A. Hussar, who also happens to be a pharmacy professor and Joe Zorek’s former professor.. He has been writing this newsletter since 2006… so you can just imagine how many readers he must have reading his newsletter every month.

I wrote about this, when the lawsuit was first filed earlier this month

Joe is probably going to prove that by documenting what the corporate employer is doing that is causing harm to pts.. and documented by the RPH’s that are being put into a position of working “faster and faster” .. with little/no concern about the increasing numbers of med errors.. Presuming that med errors are a cost of doing business.

I wonder how many pts understand that their health – or putting their health at risk … is consider by corporate pharmacy a risk that they are willing to take. in order to make a profit..

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