Compound drugs strikes again…   From the article… The FDA has issued a class I recall of two infusion pumps citing motor failure when used with drugs not specifically approved for them. Device manufacturer Medtronic noted in a letter sent to healthcare professionals that the device failure rate went from 2.4% when used with approved drugs to 7% […]

Happy new year to all !

It seems to me just like yesterday we were concerned about Y2K… Obviously the Mayans were wrong about the world coming to a end… but.. we seem to go from one  earth disaster prophecy to the next… but don’t worry the next prediction is already out there… Are We Prepared for a Catastrophic Solar Storm?  […]

Praying won’t help you

  Lawsuit claims pharmacist was wrongfully fired for praying From a article: A pharmacist who says she was fired from a California Walmart for praying with a customer has filed a lawsuit alleging workplace discrimination. The pharmacist, who had worked for Walmart in Bakersfield since 2006, admitted she had prayed with customers and told them, […]

Includes but not limited to…

This is a job listing for CVS that appeared recently.. For those of you who work for CVS.. I have outlined some of the important parts of your job description.. • Ensure compliance with all company procedures and federal and state laws, rules and regulations They have put it in writing… your job description includes […]

Merry Christmas to all… and Happy New Year !

Another year is nearly gone… as I look back on this year… my beloved profession has seemingly taken a nose dive.. from a professional perspective..  Most places, volume up and regardless of volume .. staffing is down. This year I have averaged nearly one post per day.. and in looking back… I have written on […]

They are dropping like flies in the fall !

First it was drug monkey and now pharmacy chic’s blog has gone  AWOL … what the hell is going on ? Found out that pharmacy chick’s blog has moved to We are having RPH’s fired for having some BOP action against their license years ago.. because Wal Mart decided on a policy change We […]

Leave it to the bureaucrats to try to find someone else to blame !

Congress investigating compounding pharmacy group   From the article: House lawmakers are investigating whether the industry group (The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists)  for compounding pharmacies coached the company responsible for a deadly outbreak of meningitis in dealing with regulators. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce sent a letter Friday to the International […]

One week later…

It has been just one week since Newtown, CT was in the headlines and all the various media outlets were covering the loss of so many innocent young lives and those of the teachers/school staff that tried to intervene. It was pretty clear, up front, that the gunman had some serious mental health issues and […]

Is the Oregon BOP the only one that has “balls” ? State fines online pharmacy with Portland ties, Oregon shipments blocked From the article: Since 2004, the 35-year-old Portland businessman, Hayden Hamilton,  has shipped medicine from India and other countries to customers in the United States and around the world. But he agreed last week not to sell drugs in Oregon, after the state Board of […]

Is your stressful job killing you ? From the article: In pooled results from six studies, individuals who had high perceived stress were 27% more likely to develop coronary heart disease subsequently compared with those who had low perceived stress May give a new meaning of “giving your all” for the company !