They are dropping like flies in the fall !

First it was drug monkey and now pharmacy chic’s blog has gone  AWOL … what the hell is going on ?

Found out that pharmacy chick’s blog has moved to

We are having RPH’s fired for having some BOP action against their license years ago.. because Wal Mart decided on a policy change

We have another RPH suing Walmart for being fired and was accused of PRAYING with a customer.

There was a new posting this week on JP’s blog ( ) from another Wal Mart RPH’s that was fired … and not knowing why… we are hoping that this RPH will share details with the RPH community in the near future.

We have a number of CVS RPH’s suing for a number of issues, including under staffing and putting pt’s health/safety at risk from med errors and the RPH’s license at risk.. and firing the RPH’s when they balked in doing so…

How many RPH’s out there have been fired and just faded into the shadows? Just what these employers want.. submissive employees…  It has been reported that there is an every increasing number of RPH’s and techs that are now on Benzos , SSRI’s and HTN meds to be able to deal with the stress of the work environment.

While the NABP and the BOP’s are chasing their tails over the NECC mess.. if the estimates are correct.. that community pharmacy kills 9,000 pts/yr from medication errors.. we (community pharmacy)  kill more pts in TWO DAYS.. than NECC’s fiasco did… One death is too many… but let’s put things into perspective.

Certain employers are imposing their will on our individual First Amendment rights and now because of one mentally deranged person… the national conversation is about limiting our Second Amendment rights.. IMO… because of Obamacare.. our healthcare system is about to come off the rails.

This political correctness over MERRY CHRISTMAS .. has got to stop… if you want to wish a person Happy Holidays.. by all means do it..  don’t tell everyone else that your wishes are the only correct ones…  What is next.. no more Easter…  Happy BUNNY DAY… Happy Spring is here day ?  This crap of allowing a small minority to rule the majority has got to come to a end.. The last time that I looked … we are not IRAN !  at least not yet !

If you want something posted about what you believe is going wrong within our profession or healthcare system… send me a email with your post… and long as it is the truth ..I will post it on my blog anonymously … no employer has a ring in my nose… and until I die of old age or someone puts a contract out on me.. this blog will remain active. JP or myself may be “last man standing” in the Pharmacist blog world…

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  1. Thank You Steve for all that you do!! Steve gets the job done. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL…

    Joe Zorek

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