More smoke and mirrors from the PBM’s directed at seniors

According to a press release from NCPA,  United Health and their AARP Part D program.. have sent correspondence to all of those enrolled in this program that they could “save money” if they went to one of the 14,600 pharmacies… which excludes most regional chains and most/all indys… think 75% of the community pharmacies are […]

Copy Cats – what is next..

Last night we had dinner we some friends… after dinner.. I stopped by to pick up a Rx for me… I .. like most RPH’s hate the drive-thru… 95% of the time I will walk into the pharmacy. The Pharmacist was alone, tech was on meal break… there was someone at the drive thru window.. […]

Rodney Dangerfield used to claim that “.. I don’t get any respect”

  Recently, I have seen a number of bloggers posting about how they have helped people on and off the job.. I have found over the years… some 45 working in a pharmacy… there have been some interesting experiences.. some pretty simple matters and other involving life and death… As I remember, I can count […]

Workplace Fairness As I have written before and it is no big secret. We Pharmacists and most employees for that matter…. are pretty dumb about work environment laws/rules/regulations. It would seem that more and more mangers are tending to move their “style” of management towards intimidation and threats to get an employee to do most anything.. […]

Do these stories have a common theme ? The first two articles have to deal with the major chains setting pts up with auto-refills without the pt’s knowledge nor requested to be done. The last is a study in how a certain per-cent of Rxs are continued to be filled after the doc has discontinued the medication. Everyone is concerned […]

Bureaucrats to the rescue ! According to this article ….  healthcare professional licenses in Georgia are expiring and a new state rule is getting in the way of  renewing them promptly.. According to the article Georgia has implemented a new law that requires that the legal immigration/citizenship status of the person be verified when renewing their license. According to […]

I could not hardly believes my eyes !

As many of you know, I went on Medicare in June… one of the big benefits of Obamacare for Medicare folks was that it is now going to start paying 100% for some procedures… like annual physical… I have been going to the same doc for the last 15 years or so and have went […]

Distractions and interruptions

One of my fellow pharmacy bloggers did a post on how distractions and interruptions can cause some potentially undesirable outcomes.. such as a needle stick.. Today, I drove 655 miles over 12 hrs from our Indiana home to our Fl beach condo.. a trip that we have been trying to accomplish since the first […]

Which is worse ?

It is like which is worse the pan or the fire… a state with “at will employment” or a work place that is unionized is one worse than the other or they both bad? Indiana this year became a “at will” state… Recently I  got some reliable second hand information that  the school system has […]

Are we moving against the trend ?

Have you ever called a business and you got a answering machine that says that “… everyone is busy with customers… please leave name and phone number and we well call you back.. “… Imagine that… waiting on the customers – in the store/establishment – that are there to spend their money !… as opposed […]