Are we moving against the trend ?

Have you ever called a business and you got a answering machine that says that “… everyone is busy with customers… please leave name and phone number and we well call you back.. “… Imagine that… waiting on the customers – in the store/establishment – that are there to spend their money !… as opposed to someone on the phone… who may or may not come in and spend any money…

I remember a old saying “… a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush …”

The question has to be asked.. if everyone in the Rx dept is taking care of a customer in the store… who should you stop “taking care of” to answer the phone?  If this happens often, would it strongly suggest that the dept is understaffed?

The bottom line is you can’t simultaneously service more customer service points than you have staff members !

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  1. How often is that call on the phone for the new script that the irate customer (patient) has complained about audibly more than once that you’ve had to explain twice at the cost of 5+ minutes checking the phone, looking up from task at hand, interrupting the cashier, looking through scripts waiting to be entered, etc.?

    • Obviously the prescriber didn’t feel pressured to call in the Rx quickly.. and besides… there are a number of avenues in which to call in a Rx other than as a verbal directly to the RPH… Maybe it is time that we establish a process for how things are handled ..instead of letting everyone else establish how/when we do things.. Everyone is working at/near capacity.. if they want to wait in line somewhere else… that is their option…

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