The 800 lb gorilla in the room ?

PALLIATIVE CARE diagnosis – exempts pt from daily opiate limits The above post was about two Maine residents that threatened to sue the state over their mandated daily opiate dosing limits. Most/many/all of the state’s opiate dosing limits and the “guidelines” published by the CDC and which many entities are adopting as their standard of […]

Are criminals SMARTER ….or… Bureaucrats just DUMBER ?

DEA official: ‘Marijuana black market has increased exponentially’ DENVER — A mammoth marijuana trafficking ring that pretended to be growing weed for sick people was instead illegally shipping the drug to a half-dozen other states and bilking investors, including former NFL players, Colorado officials announced Wednesday. A Denver grand jury indicted 62 people and […]

Persistent Pain Linked With Greater Memory Decline & Dementia Probability

Persistent Pain Linked With Greater Memory Decline & Dementia Probability In a population-based cohort study described in JAMA Internal Medicine, older adults with persistent pain showed more rapid memory decline and greater dementia probability compared with adults without persistent pain.1  The prevalence of chronic pain in older adults is 25% to 33%, and recovery […]

3 strikes and you are out … takes on a new meaning ?

3 Strikes, You’re Out! City to Let Overdose “Victims” Die After 3rd Time Do we continue to save people who are willingly putting drugs into their bodies and overdosing? That is the question one city has been struggling with for a while, and they are making a decision as to whether they should let […]

How Congress moves one small step at a time to control opiates

OxyContin and Beyond: Examining the Role of the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Agency in Regulating Prescription Painkillers. This is a 131 page report on a Congressional hearing TWELVE YEARS ago on how they were going to deal with the perception of increased abuse of opiates by certain segments of our […]

Trump Administration’s idea of HEALTH CARE ?

Trump Administration Looks to Give Federal Employees Fewer Opioids The Trump administration is promising to give federal employees injured on the job fewer prescription opioids, noting the risk of substance abuse for that line of treatment. The Labor Department’s Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation instituted new rules that took effect this week, which will […]


  INDIANA… new OPIATE DOSING GUIDELINES — EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2017       Important Notice regarding Changes to Indiana Law concerning the Prescribing and Dispensing of Opioids:   Effective July 1, 2017, pursuant to Senate Enrolled Act 226, new laws concerning the prescribing and dispensing of opioids will go into effect. Please be […]

States’ push to pass “right to die” – “physician assisted suicide” laws

Until a few years ago, it was a CRIME for anyone to commit suicide regardless of the reason… there are also many groups that opposed capital punishment to eliminate the worse of the worse in our society.  Has anyone notice any of these same groups opposing right to die laws ? When Obamacare was first […]


Below is the response to the pt that had originally contacted Morgan and Morgan abt two weeks ago..  Apparently that there are MORE PROFITABLE and DEEPER POCKETS …. lawsuits that they can devote their resources to…. Thank you for allowing Morgan & Morgan to review your potential class action claim. After review, we have decided […]

Obamacare is imploding and Repeal and Replace – no one will be happy..

We have some 320 million people in the USA… when you look at all “the numbers” how our country is going to fund a health insurance program … the numbers don’t really add up.. As a country we have 55.5 million on Medicare We have 72 million on Medicaid – up abt 50% since 2009 […]