States’ push to pass “right to die” – “physician assisted suicide” laws

Until a few years ago, it was a CRIME for anyone to commit suicide regardless of the reason… there are also many groups that opposed capital punishment to eliminate the worse of the worse in our society.  Has anyone notice any of these same groups opposing right to die laws ?

When Obamacare was first passed there was “talk” about “death panels”    Slightly more than half of Medicare dollars are spent on patients who die within two months.   Total Medicare annual budget is 600 + billion and covers some 56 million people..

From the bureaucrats’ perspective… how many believe that we are spending TOO MUCH MONEY just “keeping a small percent alive”… just “financial leeches on the healthcare system” ?

OFFICIAL “DEATH PANELS” have seemingly not developed… at least not visibly.. but.. all of these various Federal and State agencies that have imposed adequate treatment for chronic painers is not – in the true sense – a death panel , but… denial of care and causing chronic painers – in desperation – commit suicide rather than spend another day enduring torturous level of pain.

And now we have various states endorsing suicide/physician assisted suicide to “end a pt’s suffering”

Bureaucrats seldom enact anything in a LARGE CHANGE… they make barely perceivable incremental changes until they end up accomplishing their ultimate goal… this may take several years or a decade or two… they will not rush things so that the “common day folks” won’t catch on to what is coming down around them.

Just like the frogs put in a pan of cold water and you turn on the heat.. and before they know it their ASSES ARE COOKED !

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  1. I just posted about wishing this were an option for my untreated chronic pain that has me suicidal pretty much everyday. I haven’t done it yet because of my belief that suicides do not go to heaven but that’s also slowly changing as my pain grows worse daily and drives me to the brink of it. I want to believe that God will have mercy on people like me and people that commit suicide from being bullied. I don’t want to end my life but can’t hurt like this much longer. Even with the right to die with dignity medically assisted suicide i still have that worry but at least i could go when it’s at the point that it’s at now and considered acceptable and ethical.

  2. This is terrifying.

  3. Mr.Areins,,,,,I could not agree w/u more!!Recently doing research for my appeal to the aclu,,,I came across documents dated 2005,,,,,your words exactly perfectly hold true to the nature of this meeting,,””Bureaucrats rarely do anything by chance,”” applys perfectly in the demonization of our medicine,opiates,our doctors and us…This meeting was w/the dea,fda,hhs,…all em’,,,discussing back then ,,how to deny us access to our medicine!!How to change definition,,the schedule of drugs,,, to screw us ,r, doctors etc.,,,why would they literal change the definition of a ,”controlled substance,,,that stood since the dawn of the control substance act from actually NAMEING the drug,,,,,,,to ,”chemically similar,””,,when I first discovered that in 2010,,,I thought ,,hell by doing that ,,they could charge anyone w/methadone as the same as heroin,,,,,NEVER THINKING,,, that is exactly what klondyn,,the dea,fda,,hss,,,,actually were planning on doing!!!!I personally still believe that the dea had a section of un-employed agents that were thrown out of Bolivia and peru that needed jobs,,,thus going after our doc’s and us,,thats my personal opinion,,,For obviously it truly has nothing to do w/our welfare,,,,for,,,we have no welfare,,,when were dead,,,,,,,,thee ultimate goal for all these criminals in the dea,hhs,fda,and KLONDYN,,,maryrw

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