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What are we .. chopped liver ? White House Talks ACA With Docs, Nurses From the article: The Obama administration sat down with representatives of nearly a dozen physician and nurse organizations at the White House for an hour Tuesday afternoon to discuss their concerns about the rollout of the Affordable Care Act’s. “This is the first time they’ve gotten physician […]

Happy Turkey Day

Recently on the news, there has been a great deal of discussion about some/many of the BIG BOX stores being open on Thanksgiving Day.. and how unfair it is to the workers of these stores.. I haven’t heard anything about it being unfair for all those employees of chain dug stores, restaurants and other such […]

Another BOP admitting that they failed to do their job ? Protecting American lives, with a side of bipartisanship from the article: In 2011, a year before the outbreak, the Colorado State Board of Pharmacy detected problems with the NECC when it was determined that the company was distributing compounded drugs in our state that had been manufactured ahead of time without first obtaining patient-specific […]

Lawmaker exposes pharmacy benefits abuses From the article: The PBM industry, now dominated by Express Scripts, has proven its ability to drive independent pharmacists out of business, increase employer costs on prescription benefits, and force patients into mail-order programs, all while producing record profits for themselves. Meanwhile, several recent stories have highlighted employers who discovered that large PBMs like […]

Clinic owner tackles major pharmacy chains in lawsuit They claim that there are three sides to every story … yours… mine.. & the truth.. From the article: The court complaint states that “the CVS and Walgreens’ pharmacists have been refusing to fill prescriptions written by the doctors on Earley’s staff, and have been telling patients who presented those prescriptions that Early is […]

Here is your chance to speak up

The reporter that did this story about the errors in nursing homes .. Ross Jones ( ) would like to talk to any community pharmacists that would like to share how many med errors are happening in the community practice setting. Now is your chance to stand up or you can remain BENT OVER […]

Tomorrow.. tomorrow … CVS .. paybacks are hell !

Joe Zorek’s path toward tomorrow started nearly 2.5 yrs ago.. July 2011 to be exact. Tomorrow Joe, Paula and his attorneys met up with a “gaggle” of CVS execs and attorneys for the first step – MEDIATION – in addressing the five count E.E.O.C. lawsuit Joe has against CVS. To the left is the “accommodations” […]

Here is what happen the last time Congress passed catastrophic healthcare law

will history repeat itself ?

Follow up report !

A couple of nights ago I posted this TV news report from ABC 7 in Detroit.. I know that I have talked to numerous RPH’s in various practice settings.. and it seems that mistakes are becoming so common place that we have been come jaded to mistakes happening and as long as no one […]