This helps explain why the PBMs want you to use their mail order pharmacy

This is a price quote from one of the major PBM’s websites and a Medicare Part D prgm. The TOP PRICE is for 30 days supply and labeled as IN-STORE. The second price is for a 90-day supply labeled as MAIL ORDER. The mail order – I PRESUME – is the mail order pharmacy owned […]

Navigating The American Healthcare System | South Park: The End Of Obesity

FTC: Healthcare Corps selling your HIPAA PHI is worth abt $10/pt fine

Is $10 the Best BetterHelp Could Do for Violating Patient Privacy? In healthcare, privacy is paramount. It is an essential component of building trust with patients and, well, protecting patient privacy is also the law. Or it is supposed to be. According to charges broughtby the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the online therapy provider […]

An Epidemic of Racism in Peer Review: Killing Access to Black and Brown Physicians

Here is an interesting article, and I did not have time to convert all 35 pages to *.jpg format.  I have shared the first page of the report and there is a hyperlink to upload and read all 35 pages. AHLA – An Epidemic of Racism in Peer Review Killing Access to Black and Brown […]

How private equity rolled Red Lobster

Back in the 1960s, there was this guy – Albert J. Dunlap who was known at the peak of his career as a professional turnaround management specialist and downsizer. He was known by the nickname “Chainsaw Al”. He would break up a company and sell off “parts”, because the parts were worth more than […]

Optum ditching facilities and staff to protect bottom line?

Optum is a PBM, the FDA and many state legislatures are looking into how the PBM industry functions financially and Pres Biden is claiming that he is going to lower Rx prices. Is this how Optum is trying to get a head start on any impact that all of these things could do to protect […]

How we could cut the illegal opioid drug poisoning

I know that it would be crazy to expect our Federal Gov to address this crisis with a business mindset.  Go after the crisis like Walmart or Amazon gets rid of competitors, sell stuff FOR LESS! Addiction is never going to go away. It is claimed that alcohol causes 100,000/yr deaths, but only about 1% […]

Was George Orwell a futurist and we are seeing it now 40 yrs later?

Protesters gather to speak out against pharmacy benefit managers ST. LOUIS – Dozens of protestors are making sure they were seen and heard Friday morning outside Express Scripts in north St. Louis County.  They say pharmacy benefit managers, like Express Scripts, are manipulating drug prices, steering patients to their own mail and retail pharmacies and creating obstacles for patient access. Park Hills, Mo., resident […]

GA Governor Kemp veto bill to prevent PBM from paying indy pharmacies less than chains get paid

On ‘This Week in Pharmacy’ we’re blowing the doors off the story in Georgia how Owners of independent pharmacies are criticizing Governor Brian Kemp’s decision this week to veto legislation aimed at rectifying a situation that has left them at a competitive disadvantage with pharmacy chains. We’re also talking about Identification Technolgies driven by A.I., […]