Could the DEA/FDA legalize MJ while keeping the “black market” HEALTHY ?

 Bad News for Marijuana Supporters: The DEA Just Delayed This Critical Decision The DEA’s decision on cannabis’ scheduling now has no timetable. The “black drug market” is what keeps Congress funding the DEA.  So the FDA could get the need for a much BIGGER bureaucracy if the DEA rescheduled to C-II.. while putting the […]

Minnesota DHS discriminating against the disabled for YEARS ?

Minnesota DHS discriminating against the disabled for YEARS ? July 30A federal judge ruled Friday that a class action lawsuit filed by people with disabilities can proceed against the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The four named plaintiffs allege they represent some 5,000 disabled Minnesotans who have been deprived of over $1 billion in services […]

Most Governors signed compact to legislate limits on opiate dosing

Bullock one of seven governors not signing NGA’s compact to fight opioid abuse Apparently the vast majority of GOVERNORS believe that you can legislate morality, mental health issues and the treatment of chronic pain.  IMO… what a bunch of  ARROGANT ASS-HOLES ! HELENA – Gov. Steve Bullock is one of only seven governors who […]

Philippines President: kill the addicts/junkies and drug sellers

Philippines President Makes Good on Pledge to Mass Murder People Who Use or Sell Drugs, Calls for “No Mercy” in State of the Nation Address Apparently the President of the Philippines is putting together a full blown GENOCIDE.. unlike the USA that is just taking away the pain management of millions of people .. […]

DEA: Pot Growers ‘The New Meth Labs’

DEA Flakes on Promise to Reschule Cannabis, Instead Calls Pot Growers ‘The New Meth Labs’ Last December, we began hearing rumors that the DEA might change its absurd stance on cannabis and remove it from the list of Schedule 1 drugs with “no medicinal value.” The agency sent a letter to lawmakers in April […]

Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze contains METHAMPHETAMINE ?

Florida man arrested after officer mistakes Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze for meth A 64-year-old Orlando, Fla., man is seeking damages from the city after he was handcuffed, arrested, jailed and strip-searched for possession of a highly addictive substance known to cause temporary euphoria. No, not crystal meth. But it was something that many consider […]

Montana: Is this what you get when attorneys are in charge of medical care ?

Cancer-stricken former state rep. appeals to AG on medical-marijuana enforcement HELENA – A former chair of the Montana Democratic Party, stricken with pancreatic cancer, has made a personal appeal to state Attorney General Tim Fox to support delaying enforcement of new restrictions on medical marijuana in the state. Fox, however, said through a spokeswoman […]

According to the DEA: the reclassification was aimed at “curbing this [opioid] misuse and abuse”

Hydrocodone reclassification harms millions suffering from chronic pain Nearly two years ago, the DEA made the lives of millions of Americans more difficult. On August 22, 2014, the agency moved hydrocodone combination drugs such as Vicodin from Schedule III to Schedule II. This reclassification created tougher rules, greater bureaucracy, stricter penalties, and a corrosive […]

DEA ignoring laws and violating HIPAA ?

ACLU challenges DEA attempts to access drug database without warrants The American Civil Liberties Union of Utah has pushed back on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s attempts to access the state’s prescription drug database without probable cause. The ACLU requested to intervene in the DEA’s case challenging a state law that would require them […]

200,000/yr pts die of medical errors – no charges.. Single doc has two OD deaths and may get 500 yrs sentence

Judge: Montana physician facing 400 felonies not eligible for public defender I recently blogged about chronic pain refugees in MT Montana’s ‘Pain Refugees’ Leave State To Get Prescribed Opioids HAMILTON — A district judge ruled Monday that a Florence physician charged with 400 felonies must pay for his own defense. Dr. Chris Christensen was […]