A interesting conversation

This week I got a phone call from a young man whose father was all of a sudden the pharmacy that his Father had been getting his prescriptions filled at… refused to fill them any further. Of course, as we all know the earliest that any Pharmacist will fill a Rx is – at most […]

Veteran Commits Suicide Hours After Being Turned Away At VA Facility

Veteran Commits Suicide Hours After Being Turned Away At VA Facility – Rest In Peace americanmilitarynews.com/2016/07/veteran-commits-suicide-hours-after-being-turned-away-at-va-facility-rest-in-peace/?utm_source=usmilitary&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=alt Wasn’t it one of the Presidential candidates that stated something to the fact that the problems with the VA hospitals were OVER BLOWN ?  I wonder if this former Marine’s family would agree with that statement ? A former […]

More legislators practicing medicine without a license ?

As lower-dosage law nears, Maine doctors prepare to wean patients off opioids http://www.pressherald.com/2016/07/27/as-lower-dosage-law-nears-maine-doctors-prepare-to-wean-patients-off-opioids/ How long before these legislators’ actions/laws get challenged for their constitutionality?  How many pts have to be put in a torturous level of pain as healthcare providers “obey the law”… I guess their Hippocratic Oath of doing NO HARM is being superseded by LAWMAKERS.  […]

You decide… Accidental death OR SUICIDE ?

death in this case was a combined overdose of methadone and (alcohol) http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/region/4082563-overdose-death-leads-reprimand-minnesota-physician Overdose death leads to reprimand for Minnesota physician The 2014 overdose death of a patient has led to a local physician being fined and reprimanded by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. Dr. Timothy L. Burke, an infectious-disease specialist for Essentia Health-Duluth […]

New Data: Illegally obtained opioids is the “driving force” behind epidemic

But just 8.3 percent of those decedents had an active opioid prescription in the same month as their death, DPH said, and in 83 percent of opioid overdose deaths that had a toxicology report completed the person who died had “illegally-obtained or likely illegally-obtained substances” in their system at their time of death. BOSTON (STATE […]

Robbing pharmacies is KIDS PLAY ?

Indiana leads U.S. again in pharmacy robberies Despite some targeted measures to protect pharmacies, Indiana isn’t shedding its unwanted designation as the No. 1 state for pharmacy robberies. Consider this statistic: Indiana had more pharmacy robberies from the beginning of 2013 to May of this year than any other state. Indiana logged 367 robberies, while California — with […]

They are suppose to save you money…. BUT ARE THEY ?

Uncovering the group driving up the cost of medication http://www.10tv.com/article/uncovering-group-driving-cost-medication# To make sure you are not getting the “short end of the stick”… www.goodrx.com will give you retail prices that you should pay. If your copay – determined by your insurance company… is more than that price… you know that your insurance company is more […]

Independent Pharmacies – where your trust is more important than your money

U.S. Senator Passes Bill to Increase Medical Marijuana Research

U.S. Senator Passes Bill to Increase Medical Marijuana Research http://blogs.christianpost.com/news-section/u-s-senator-passes-bill-to-increase-medical-marijuana-research-27920/ In Salt Lake City, Senator Orrin Hatch has recently unveiled a bipartisan bill which will allow researchers to perform further study on the potential medical benefits of marijuana. Hatch introduced this regulation along with other senators from Delaware, Hawaii and North Carolina, making a statement in […]

The WORD “PAIN” not mentioned once in 55 pages

Here is the 2016 DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM  using the Adobe word search function and not one mention of the word PAIN in the 55 pages of this document… there are several mention of the word ADDICTION in their platform.  There is also several mentions of the word DISABILITY.. You can come to your own conclusion as […]