Express Scripts revenue on track to DROP abt 10 BILLION/yr

Express Scripts plans to lay off 390 in Tampa From the article: But the 390 employees the company plans to fire from its Tampa operation constitute the largest layoff in Tampa Bay in 2014. The layoffs include nearly 150 high-paying pharmacist positions. Express Script’s first-quarter report, released Tuesday, showed an 18 percent drop in prescriptions […]

Coming to a pharmacy counter near you ?

Man vs. Computer: Which Can Best Spot Pain Fakers? From the article: The computer system performed a lot better. While humans were right only half the time — that number reached 55 percent with a little training — the computer had a success rate of 85 percent ! It is claimed that only 20% […]

Retailiation.. WAG’s SOP ?

A few weeks ago I posted the following: Walgreens condoning a hostile work environment ? It would seem that Carlo Tamarit sent a constructive criticism letter to WAG’s  CEO Greg Wasson. and also went to put a petition on I was informed today that Carlo is now unemployed.. With the implementation of computers, […]

If I were the devil ?

This was 49 years ago. April 3, 1965. An amazing prediction. Do you remember the famous ABC radio commentator Paul Harvey? Millions of Americans listened to his programs which were broadcastover 1,200 radio stations Nationwide. When you listen to this, remember the commentary was broadcast 49 years ago   On April 3, 1965. Unfortunately, his […]

Could there be a correlation ?

I am an admitted MYTH BUSTER’S junkie Here is a piece “after the show” that was on the other night.. The theory at hand to be challenged was if a person was more “dangerous” if  “tipsy” or sober and “fatigued” While, like everything else with MYTH BUSTERS , it has not a real […]

Is this what can happen when you work for someone else ?

Phone prescription draws Idaho sanction From the article: But Idaho’s medical licensing board doesn’t approve and earlier this year punished a doctor for prescribing a common antibiotic over the phone. The sanctions against Dr. Ann DeJong are so severe that her board certification is threatened. DeJong, a 38-year-old doctor, is licensed to practice medicine […]

Unequal justice for all ?

Board revokes Hanover County pharmacist’s license for excessive dispensing of drugs–Pharmacist-License From the article: The investigation found that Harris’ pharmacy, Beaverdam Pharmacy, filled 338 prescriptions for oxycodone, hydromorphone and other controlled substances for 55 patients from Kentucky, Georgia and Florida in 2012 and 2013. CVS has tens of thousands of opiate doses missing and […]

Is this just “feeding the animal”

Georgia Governor Signs 911 Medical Amnesty/ Naloxone Law From the article: On Thursday April 24, 2014 Georgia became the 15th state in the union to enact a 911 Medical Amnesty law granting limited prosecution immunity to people who seek help during a drug or alcohol overdose. It is also the 19th state to extend […]

Would you believe – this will bring Rx prices down ?

Pharmacists could oversee more techs under bill From article: Big-box pharmacies would be allowed to use as many technicians as they need under a bill approved by the Florida House.  Proponents, including Walgreens and the Florida Retail Federation, say the law would allow the large pharmacies to bring down drug prices. Opponents contend […]

Tests confirm Fibromyalgia is all in pt’s head !

Brain Scans Detect Fibromyalgia From the article: Yes!! Finally a physical finding to say that fibromyalgia is a disease that’s not psychosomatic. picture of a brain scan of someone with fibromyalgia.  That scan showed an area down the center of the brain and across the top of the frontal cortex in a bright blue.  […]