Could there be a correlation ?

I am an admitted MYTH BUSTER’S junkie

Here is a piece “after the show” that was on the other night..

The theory at hand to be challenged was if a person was more “dangerous” if  “tipsy” or sober and “fatigued”

While, like everything else with MYTH BUSTERS , it has not a real large trial..but.. as usual..represents a reasonable explanation and outcome.

The “conclusion” of this test was that a person is less safe when fatigued than tipsy..

While the fatigued portion of the test was after 30 hrs of no sleep.. I began to wonder… those RPh’s working 12-14 hrs/day.. and driving 1-2 hrs each direction.. often days in a row.. just how “unsafe” are they, particularly at the end of the shift or as the number of days in a row.. stack up ?  You do the math, 14 hrs + 2 hr drive each way.. leaves 6 hrs.. to sleep, eat, shower and be ready to head out the door to start the cycle all over again.

I find it interesting, that I have found study after study that have been done in other industries… including at least one on nursing… that definitely shows .. the decreased efficiency and/or increased error rate.. in employees that are expected to work.. and these studies do not incorporate employees that are expected to have no rest periods (meals, rest room, meals) during their shift.

If you viewed the BEN HURR.. it seems that the corporate structure has not changed much since the times of the Romans…

The guys with the whip are the DM’s

The guys standing around up front is the BOD and those in the E-suite

The guy keeping the pace is the MBA (beating the drum)

and the arrogant “fat ass” in the chair.. is the corporate president..

I will let you figure out .. who is doing all the rowing !

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  1. None of are “bulletproof” like we were when we were P-Studs and able to stay up all night and study; or take call with our medical team when they were “on” for 24 hours every third day (sweet memories of the medicine “dog” team at John Gaston Memorial Hospital in Memphis 1975-76).

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