pharmacists are more focused on filling a prescriptions ?

Feds step up drug enforcement of pharmacies On July 13, 2012, a pharmacy technician ordered 1,000 hydrocodone pills through the San Diego pharmacy he worked for. But it was not a sanctioned order. The highly addictive drugs were either meant for his own consumption, or to restock the pharmacy’s supply of pills he had […]

Iowa’s alcohol addiction problem is TWENTY FIVE TIMES worse than their Heroin problem..

Pain pill addicts fueling Iowa’s heroin epidemic Iowa claims to have a Heroin epidemic .. yet… abt 50% of those dealing with substance abuse treatment were dealing with a ALCOHOLIC addiction.    

Ken McKim on explaining DEPRESSION

If you want a biased opinion.. you just have to follow the money trail

Accepting Pain More Important than Reducing Pain Intensity Because Opioids Are Harmful, Docs Write in NEJM Commentary Apparently the best way to get something published in a normally respected medical journal is to based the article on the premise as if the article was written by the DEA. I especially like this very unscientific […]

The “VOICE” of the chronic pain community is not being heard ?

What the Internet Says About “Opioids” Says a Lot!   It’s safe to say that Google’s advanced search algorithms return search results that reflect the dominant content the globe is seeking on any given topic.  So, what do Google search results tell us about what the world thinks when it comes to opioids? National […]

Another EPIDEMIC that you don’t hear about ?

 Antibiotics resistance blamed for 23,000 deaths annually ATLANTA, GA (CNN) – According to the CDC, at least 2 million people a year in the U.S. become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, leading to more than 23,000 deaths. We all know “germs” are bad, but some disease-causing bacteria have the ability to develop resistance […]

Could refusing to fill a pt’s Rx be a form of MALPRACTICE ?

Miami Pharmacy Malpractice Lawyers If a Pharmacist sends a patient away without their necessary medication… is it the same/similar situation as mis-filling a prescription and sending the patient away with the wrong medication. Both can cause the patient HARM… is both of them MALPRACTICE ? Florida Pharmacy Law And Miami Pharmacy Malpractice Lawyers The […]

Four in 10 say they know someone who has been addicted to prescription painkillers

Four in 10 say they know someone who has been addicted to prescription painkillers When the average literacy rate of adult Americans, hovering around the SIXTH GRADE.. you want them to be the ones determining who is “addicted” to prescription pain killers. I wonder how many of these people could describe the difference between […]

Dad Says Albertson’s Sells Bad ADHD Drugs

Dad Says Albertson’s Sells Bad ADHD Drugs  CHICAGO (CN) – Albertson’s-owned Osco pharmacies sell generic drugs that did not get FDA approval to treat ADHD like their brand-name “equivalent,” Concerta, a father claims in court.      Alex Turetsky says his minor son J.T. was prescribed Concerta, an extended-release attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drug approved […]

They are changing the rules of the game

Will CDC Guidelines Promote Addiction Treatment? People who take opiates … NO LONGER DEPENDENT OR AN ADDICT …but.. you now have a “OPIATE USE DISORDER “ By Alison Knopf, Editor of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly The quick answer to the question “Will treatment providers be able to treat patients coming in addicted to […]