Iowa’s alcohol addiction problem is TWENTY FIVE TIMES worse than their Heroin problem..


Pain pill addicts fueling Iowa’s heroin epidemic

Iowa claims to have a Heroin epidemic .. yet… abt 50% of those dealing with substance abuse treatment were dealing with a ALCOHOLIC addiction.



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  1. agree-they arent smart- but i feel for these folks in Iowa- CDC needs to jump on the bandwagon !! yeah right

  2. This is an “epidemic”:

    “Heroin alone or in combination with other drugs caused 97 deaths in the state in 2014,”

    But this is not:

    DES MOINES (AP) – Health officials say more than 400 Iowans committed suicide in 2013, a 17 percent increase from the previous year.

    The Iowa Department of Public Health released data last month that reveals 445 such deaths statewide in 2013, the most since at least 1989…

  3. Looks like they should be more worried about ALCOHOL. But they are not smart enough to do that.

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