Most all of us have heard Einstein’s opinion of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. My blog is getting ready to close out its fifth year and as I look at the stats on my blog.. I find that while the number of page views have remained virtually unchanged […]

The top 5 reasons for malpractice lawsuits against doctors

The top 5 reasons for malpractice lawsuits against doctors http://www.fiercehealthcare.com/practices/top-five-reasons-for-malpractice-lawsuits-against-docs A malpractice lawsuit is something physicians dread, but one that most will experience over the course of their career. Facing a malpractice trial it can be an emotional ordeal—and one that lasts, as FierceHealthcare previously reported. RELATED: Malpractice trials can take emotional toll on doctors […]

More BLACK/WHITE medical care from chain pharmacists

My name is Sxxxx Cxxxx and after the 2 issues I had in one week with two different prescriptions and one pharmacist I would love some guidance/feedback on how to proceed. I have never experienced anything like it and would like to do something about it. On May 24th 2017, after a 13 hour hospital […]


Hello Steve I am being denied my medication I have been on for years and go to the same pharmacy for years all because I have a new doctor. What can I do about this? Because I switched doctors they said they didn’t fell comfortable doing it I’ve been on same medication for cpl years […]

Chronic pain victims share ‘other side’ of prescription drug abuse epidemic

  Chronic pain victims share ‘other side’ of prescription drug abuse epidemic http://www.abc15.com/news/state/chronic-pain-victims-share-other-side-of-prescription-drug-abuse-epidemic They are people who feel shut out from their pharmacies, by emergency rooms, and their doctors. Already struggling with chronic pain they feel “abandoned” by a system that is now focusing on a prescription drug epidemic that’s gripped the country. Chronic pain […]

Remembering how we got/keep our FREEDOM


Addictions … are not a genetic mental health disease ?

Four of Eight children in the same family becomes addicted to Heroin ?  NURTURE… NATURE… GENETICS ?

OxyContin users await compensation from Canadian lawsuits

OxyContin users await compensation from Canadian lawsuits http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/oxycontin-users-await-compensation-from-canadian-lawsuits-1.3432273 VIDEO ON ABOVE LINK Lawyers are looking for Canadians who became addicted to opioids after receiving legal prescriptions for the painkillers Oxycontin and OxyNeo. The maker of the painkillers, Purdue Pharma, recently agreed to settle several class-action lawsuits in Canada and will pay out $20 million to […]

Finally… someone finally looking at the REAL REASON… YOUR RX IS SO EXPENSIVE

Legislature Roberson presents bill mandating transparency from middlemen in drug pricing process https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/roberson-presents-bill-mandating-transparency-from-middlemen-in-drug-pricing-process Republican Senate Leader Michael Roberson’s bill to put transparency mandates on the middlemen in the drug pricing process known as pharmacy benefit managers received a tepid but not entirely unwelcome reception from Democrats during its first hearing Friday afternoon. Roberson and co-sponsor […]


Like everything else revolving around the “war on drugs”, I suspect that there are no statics kept – or divulged – on how many families are NOT VOCAL ADVOCATES until someone in their family has died/OD’d. It doesn’t make any difference if the family member OD’d on illegal drugs or killed driving drunk or killed […]