Measuring “metrics” always improves the product/service ? From the article: This appears to be the largest of dozens of major cheating scandals, unearthed across the country. The allegations point an ongoing problem for US education, which has developed an ever-increasing dependence on standardized tests. On its face, the investigation tarnishes the 12-year tenure of Superintendent Beverly Hall, who was named US […]

A BOP to the rescue ?

This was posting on another Facebook page… Another Walgreens pharmacy manager quit this week. That makes 4 in the last 2 months (I was one of them). This one actually went to the Board of Pharmacy after the last tech cuts and said things are getting dangerous. The Board told him to slow down and […]

Is it time to go back and pay “cash” for many purchases ?

How your bad diet may weigh on your job review More companies are tracking employees’ medical data to cut costs From the article: Your company already knows whether you’ve been taking your meds, getting your teeth cleaned and going for regular medical checkups. Now some employers or their insurance companies are tracking what staffers […]

The estimated cost of “good intentions” ?

Obamacare: Projected Premium Increases by State From the article: Obamacare’s most onerous insurance regulations will directly cause insurance premiums to skyrocket, particularly in the individual and small group markets. Isn’t this the group that Obamacare (ACA) is suppose to help the most ? It is estimated that the average increase will be in the […]

Unintended consequences ? Deal Transforms Global Pill Pipeline From the article: The 10-year distribution contract between Walgreen Co., WAG -0.61% Alliance Boots GmbH and AmerisourceBergen Corp. ABC -0.08% hands one entity a significant amount of drug-buying volume, which will allow the companies to demand lower prices from drug makers. The international alliance also creates a clearer path for more […]

Modern Day Slavery ? CLICK ON THIS LINK TO TAKE SURVEY I have created a very simple survey… I remember surveys published in professional journals over the years… with this type of question(s)  asked… of course you are never going to get a 100% who are happy with the career choice that they have made… but.. I may […]

End of a 14 hr shift?

Ever get that feeling … after one of those days… everything feels like it just got sucked out of you? And just think.. you get to do the same thing .. all over again.. the next day… Just think… if you are newly licensed… you only have some 10,000 more days … that could be […]

Seen at a chain pharmacy near you…

YOU ARE BEING WATCH ! Is this directed at the employees or the customers…or both ? Shouldn’t the term be GOGET Greet the customer Offer to help them GET their money Extra Care Card Scanned Thank them for expanding our patient database, which we can sell…    

If their lips are moving ….

CVS Pharmacy Wants Workers’ Health Information, or They’ll Pay a Fine Last week, CVS was all over the news about their $600 fine/penalty for those employees who declined to submit to a “health screening” and provide the information to the company. The “things” that want disclosed seems rather benign on the surface ” submit […]

It is hard to find out where you are without a roadmap

The idea of who/what a merchant is/are have never been fuzzier…. When I was a kid… the small town that I lived in ~ 15 K population… all the merchants were along the “main drag” of the downtown of the city… there were six pharmacies – only one store from a very small regional chain […]