In case there was a doubt More pharmacy schools raise quality concerns This article is almost two years old… and a quote from the article: Pharmacy school tuition can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $350,000 depending on the program. When Concordia University in Wisconsin announced its intention to open a School of Pharmacy in 2010, for example, Curt Gielow, the […]

Is a certain part of your anatomy “hanging out”  When the powers to be won’t enforce their own laws I recently wrote the above post…  part of the response from the AG’s office was as followed… “Our attorneys have thoroughly reviewed the information you provided for possible legal action. Unfortunately, there appears to be no violation of Indiana law under the jurisdiction of […]

When good customer service counts…. These are the nine retailers with the worst customer service. 9. Walgreen — health and personal care 8. TJX Companies — specialty retail 7. The Gap — specialty retail 6. Supervalu — supermarkets 5. Sears — department and discount stores 4. CVS Caremark — health and personal care stores 3. Safeway — supermarkets 2. […]

Lack of concern about patient safety – by employers – seems to be epidemic The “Nurse Staffing Strategy,”  released this week at the American Organization of Nurse Executives conference in Denver, found nurse fatigue also can negatively affect operational costs, as well as patient and employee satisfaction, according to the research announcement. Among the findings: 39 percent of respondents found current staffing levels inadequate, while 38 percent found […]

A interesting conversation…

Last week I had to finally break down and see my PCP over this damn sciatic nerve that has been a on-going problem since December. My PCP is part of a six prescriber practice and we have been going to him for 15+ yrs and I  have known him for many years before that.  He […]

Maybe their motives should be questioned ?

Just yesterday, it was all over the news media about how CVS is wanting to have/encourage a “healthier workforce”… and then today this ad comes my way In-store deals with card! Earn $5 ExtraBucks Rewards when you spend $15 on candy items such as these: Not only are these “empty calories” ON SALE…. but […]

Careful what you name/call things

For three decades (60’s – 80’s)  the Chevrolet motor company had a very successful model called the NOVA..  It was reported that at one time Chevrolet decided to sell this particular model in Mexico.. The sales of this model, while very successful in the US, was reportedly a utter disaster.  Apparently no one within the […]

If there are any doubter left out there …

I got this in a email from a national Pharmacist temp service that does placement for one of the large BIG BOX stores… If there are any doubters if/where techs get their sense of power, I think that  this would help explain a lot.. The  Pharmacy Team works to create amazing customer service moments for […]

talk about being a hypocrite ! CVS Pharmacy Wants Workers’ Health Information, or They’ll Pay a Fine According to this ABC News report… CVS is interested in having a “healthier work force”… except it would appear that they are only interested in their own particular work force.. since they appear to continue to sell tobacco and alcohol products… and other […]

what would happen ?

A few weeks ago .. I saw a post on the Linkedin account for the parochial high school that I attended.. “… is looking for alumni willing to share their story of how they chose their career with our freshmen. ” Well first of all I still can’t explain how I ended up being a Pharmacist.. […]