Coronavirus Cases Plummet When PCR Tests Are Adjusted

Coronavirus Cases Plummet When PCR Tests Are Adjusted Health experts now say that PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus associated with the illness COVID-19, is too sensitive and needs to be adjusted to rule out people who have insignificant amounts of the virus in their system.1 The test’s threshold is so high that it […]

The OPTICS of others observing the importance of a rally

  It is estimated there are some 200+ million Christians in the USA.. and this was a picture of a recent demonstration/protest/rally by Franklin Graham on Saturday, September 26, 2020…. that is around twice the number of estimated chronic pain pts.  Of course, this was done in DC and there are a number of (pain) […]

Comment from a TROOPER who had to work the TRUMP visit at Newport News

One of my trooper buddies who had to work the Trump visit at Newport News and his upfront and very close observations. ***Offensive Content – For Some*** I attended the President’s rally in Newport News, yesterday. Not like I wanted to though, I was deployed there in my official capacity. Got the word late Thursday […]

House Passes Bill that Would Repeal Health Insurer Antitrust Exemption

House Passes Bill that Would Repeal Health Insurer Antitrust Exemption The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1418, the “Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act,” by a voice vote on September 21. The legislation, which was introduced back in early 2019 by Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon), would reduce the scope of the McCarran Ferguson Act’s […]

FDA: precise risk of benzodiazepine addiction remains unclear, addiction does occur – CONCLUSIONS WITHOUT FACTS ?

FDA Orders Stronger Warnings on Benzodiazepines The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants updated boxed warnings on benzodiazepines to reflect the “serious” risks of abuse, misuse, addiction, physical dependence, and withdrawal reactions associated with these medications. “The current prescribing information for benzodiazepines does not provide adequate warnings about these serious risks and harms […]

State Regulators Punish Doctor for Cutting a Pain Patient’s Opioid Dose and Dropping Him After He Became Suicidal

This is typical of how ASS-BACKWARDS our bureaucratic system is…  the doctor signed a settlement agreement with the state medical board that included a reprimand, a $1,000 fine, and “at least 12 hours of education in prescribing opioids for pain management and in pain management record-keeping.  The pt is still out in the cold concerning […]

Month of May deadliest month EVER in Ohio Month of May deadliest month EVER in Ohio

pt with suffering horrible spasticity.. is doing death with dignity this Friday Sept. 25th – UPDATED

I’d like to introduce my sister Christine. She has suffered horribly with a undiagnosed rare disease. She was featured on 60 minutes 7 years ago. Her disease has progressed to her being quadriplegic and blind. She suffers horrible spasticity!! Her muscles are torturing her. She lives in Washington State and is doing death with dignity […]

The community is not going to get any relief from a President Biden ?

If anyone in the community thinks that Biden is going to help those in chronic pain …. in this video ..he states that he not going to provide any guidance to the justice dept… Does this mean that the DEA will have no leash or muzzle and do what they damn please…. they have been […]

IF ignorance is BLISS… USA has a lot of “very happy people” – or – a lot on too many drugs/alcohol ?

I wore this hat out in public and about 21 people said I love your hat and about 12 people said how the hell can you wear a hat like that. I’m pretty sure most Americans can’t read lol