pt with suffering horrible spasticity.. is doing death with dignity this Friday Sept. 25th – UPDATED

I’d like to introduce my sister Christine. She has suffered horribly with a undiagnosed rare disease. She was featured on 60 minutes 7 years ago. Her disease has progressed to her being quadriplegic and blind. She suffers horrible spasticity!! Her muscles are torturing her. She lives in Washington State and is doing death with dignity this Friday Sept. 25th.
She has had problems getting oxycodone and diazpam and cannot choose.
I’m posting the 60 minutes clip. Her last YouTube clip and a movie she made a couple years ago. I reached out to the Dr who runs the program at the national institute of health that was in the 60 minutes show. He responded to me this morning and wrote the most beautiful letter to my sister. Thank you for taking the time to watch my posts. No one should ever have to choose death but that’s where she is and will be free of pain Friday Sept 25th and of course my heart is breaking ..
In loving memory of my baby sister Christine. She fought a cruel rare undiagnosed disease for many years. Paralyzed from the neck down yet had severe spasticity causing her muscles to torture her.
She was featured on 60 minutes in 2007 at the Undiagnosed Disease clinic at The National Institute of Health. They were not able to diagnose her.
She was the strongest bravest person I’ve ever known! I would tell her often that shes my hero!
May you rest peacefully in the arms of God Chrissy!! I love you and will miss you terribly. But I know you are free now.
No more suffering  I love you 

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  1. Yes, a very sad scenario when Drs will help kill you but not treat you. Are the Drs worried about addiction??? on an obvious suffering patient. I also feel so sorry for the sister to have to be in the position to have to help with this. It’s just, too easy for Drs to ignore pain patients needs. I feel like there are death panels and human life doesn’t mean much today. The unborn, elderly, and the infirmed are just fodder to government officials. Kind of reminds me of Hitler’s ideas of those who are useful to society. When sick covid patients are put in with the most vulnerable, that just shows you the concern shown by many government personnel.

  2. RIP Christine. I am so sorry that death was the only way out from your pain. You should have been able to have your spasms controlled with medication that is legal in your country. Find your friends, family and others who have suffered in pain in heaven; but most of all I hope you find peace,
    Sincerlely, Christine Dix

  3. Sister,

    Are you saying that “they” will provide enough medication to kill her – but not enough to provide relief from pain? Therefore this outcome is somehow justified? Seem to be implied here.

    If yes, your complacency and witness to the matter will justify your exit as well!

    • what I have heard is being used is Secobarbital (Seconal)… it is a hypnotic (sleeping cap)… and the pt gets 100 caps of 100 mg each and they are instructed to empty the capsules into orange/apple juice and drink it… “back in the day” .. it was routinely used as a sleeping med… with a single 100 mg dose at bedtime. Since this med has been around since 1934, seems strange that I had seen the price of #100 caps in the $2000 – $3000 range

  4. For .”Dot/Gov” The state, or an organization FUNDED “by the people” to FORCE someone with LIFETIME pain, RECOGNIZED, REAL, DOCUMENTED pain in a human being and the ONLY “choice” we have is to LIVE IN PAIN or “choose” assisted “legal” death over being able to be prescribed MEDICATION that helps ease OBVUOUS pain in people/patients is WRONG!!!!!!!!! “They” will be held ACCOUNTABLE maybe not in this lifetime but, I FULLY believe “they” will be held accountable. DO unto others as you would have done unto you! I should not “wish” the same agony on those that are PROFITING from people /patients in pain but…….I DO! I know this is wrong “thinking” but, this is inhumane…….PERIOD!

  5. I’m so very sorry that she has endured so much pain. This country has gone to sh*t. It’s unfair and inhumane that she has been suffering, now to be free from pain she must choose the only way to not suffer anymore.
    My heart goes out to her and her family and friends. May she rest in eternal peace when the time comes. God Bless Christine and all that love her.

  6. What happened to “choice”? In other words, the “right” to try so called non approved medications? Opiate MEDICATION, already “proven” EFFECTIVE and SAFE for pain management along WITH benzodiazepines HAVE a legitimate place used TOGETHER in the treatment of human disease/disorders/injury. There has ALWAYS been pain with the body and there will always BE pain with the body and IS …manageable, NOW!! I render my prayers and best wishes to Christine, her sister and their families. I am so sorry that un managed pain is not transferrable to those PROFITTING from patients’ pain in the name of “safety” , or “what’s best” all while calling themselves an “expert” in the pain management field.

    • The President wanted a choice for hydroxychloroquine, …and he got it. He said; “It didn’t get me. I am still here.”


  8. If the DOJ/AG, Dr. Andrew Kolodny, the CDC, Dr. Robert R. Redfield, the cowardly FDA and the MEDIA, and friends, want the atrocity of what has happened to 20 MILLION incurable, legitimate severe pain patients denied Doctor prescribed pain control with the gentle, safe and effective OPIATES in their face and on their hands and on their heads – they will get it.

  9. I am embarrassed to be part of a nation that would turn its back on someone so ill, so OBVIOUSLY ill, and make it acceptable to choose death rather than treat her symptoms. She is blind, paralyzed, and her muscles in spasm. I have severe spasticity due to multiple sclerosis, and it is extremely painful. Sometimes, I am in so much pain I scream as a reflex.
    So this is what it’s come to: even the sickest of the sick can’t be treated for pain? Our politicians have sunk so low and have whored themselves out to likes of Kolodny and PROP just to get re-elected and remain in power? At the expense of those who suffer? And we have nowhere to turn, no one to help us?
    In honor of this beautiful soul, anyone who can fight this atrocity needs to keep on fighting. I know I will.

  10. I am so sorry this is your Sister’s fate. My heart goes out to you, your family and of course her.

  11. I have no words! This is nothing but barbaric! Why are Doctors allowed to get away with this murder? That is what it is! Just sickening to have to keep hearing this, and nothing is being done about it

    • It is truly barbaric. Our nation has the meds to have helped keep her more comfortable with the undiagnosed disease that she had. A person should never have to choose death over life, ever. Seems like it is a horrible sin. And I do not put the blame on her. Word of this precious lady’s death needs to go mainstream & to every politician, basically to all the nation. What a sad third-world nation we have become.

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