The community is not going to get any relief from a President Biden ?

If anyone in the community thinks that Biden is going to help those in chronic pain …. in this video ..he states that he not going to provide any guidance to the justice dept… Does this mean that the DEA will have no leash or muzzle and do what they damn please…. they have been reducing production quotas for 5 days… On that track…. by 2025 -2026 that could mean that all oral opiates will have ZERO PRODUCTION QUOTAS… the only opiates that will be allowed is injectables and restricted distribution to hospitals, day surgery centers and the like…

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  1. I fully realize that constant pain, CAN get so bad that even opiate MEDICATION, borderline dosages, between life and overdose can not manage it and then but, ONLY then should we be given the “choice” between using an effective dosage of MEDICATION or a “humane way out! Just saying, again.

    • What they call LD 50 – a dose that is lethal to 50% of the people who take it – is pretty illusive for chronic pain pts – especially intractable pain… respiratory suppression is one of the first side effects that a pt develops a tolerance to. I remember one end of life cancer pt that was on home morphine “IV drip” and was getting the oral equivalent of 200 – 300 mg/hr. now you hit a opiate naive pt with such a dose and that would be the end of it for them 🙁

  2. DEA has the pain management community consisting of REAL PEOPLE/PATIENTS literally suffering constantly….by the short hairs!
    WE….can not act physically with any type “peaceful protesting”. ,therefore, our legitimate complaints will NEVER be acted upon.
    I am just waiting for my state to authorize “humane” euthanasia to give us a “choice” between lifetime, constant pain or a way to end it…….”humanely”. What Bullshit! This entire concept is WRONG!

  3. The DEA needs to be abolished They are not doing anything the agency was created to do. They have become political, I truly believe they protect the cartels who in turn give payoffs to the politicians giving the orders on what cartels to protect .If they would do what agency was created for like stopping the illegal pills Fentanyl etc from coming into country..Instead they want to go after the few honest Doctors left taking care of there pain patients and destroying there careers and lives.. It is so transparent what there end goal is and no one is watching them.

  4. It’s too bad the CPPs didn’t get involved in DoctorsofCourage’s election 2020 campaign. This could have been the year we wouldn’t have established parties in high positions. So the suffering continues. Maybe in 2024.

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