Difference between patient’s expectation and reality…

I worked at one of the big box stores Sat-Sun-Mon… RPH will ill… It amazes me how some people work under the premise  that their expectations must be met… I had a pt call in a refill at 13:27 and told me that he would be there in 30 minutes to pick it up… well […]

Sometimes it is not good to be right…

I have often stated that within the next 4-5 years – as the RPH surplus grows – that we would see DM’s would come in and tell particularly the staff RPH.. that they have a newly minted RPH that is willing to work for xx,xxx.xx per year and that the staff RPH has 24 hrs […]


Here is a current complaint being dealt with by the Nevada Board of  Pharmacy over a robot misfill. According to the complaint, it was determined that ~ 20 patients got Temazepam instead of Fluoxetine  or some mixture thereof… and according to the complaint.. ONLY ONE PATIENT filed a complaint with the BOP… Does this mean […]

Another nail in the “availability” of healthcare from the system?

Today, I had to do my annual “drug test”… you would think that after several years… they wouldn’t waste their money anymore.  This test was done at a local “doctor in a box” office.. This particular facility is part of one of the two hospital systems in the area (~ 1.5 million pop) that controls […]

Congressional Budget Office – report on “the cost” of Obamacare

According to a Fox News Report With the implementation of Obamacare, there will be 3 million more people UNINSURED and the dollars allocated to paid for Medicare services will be LESS THAN CURRENTLY PAID FOR BY MEDICAID.. Two things that are of concern here… 1. Medicare is all the old and disabled in our society… […]


This was just sent by email today from the KY BOP.. http://www.lrc.ky.gov/kar/contents/HB1/201_002_061E.doc Section 1. (1) A complaint against a licensee may: (a) Be submitted orally or in writing; and (b) Originate from a consumer, competitor, health professional, government or provider agency, or other interested party. (2) A complaint shall be accepted anonymously if the complaint […]

To me.. the media is an enigma.. and how our news cycle works

One “loose nut” goes on a rampage and it takes up nearly all the media news for hours if not days. I woke up this AM.. to the news that today’s ” nutcase de jour” decided to open fire in a theater of people who came out at MID-NIGHT to watch a new BATMAN movie. […]

Time to Fish or Cut Bait ?

It should not be a surprise to any RPH about the bad and/or deteriorating  work conditions that we are dealing with ever day.  The Pharmacy Alliance sent out a email/letter to all 51 Boards of Pharmacy this past Jan, with 9 points we wished the BOP’s to consider as changes to their practice acts. All […]

Here is what can happen when patients and legislatures get involved in medication errors

Complaint & Cover Sheet 9-9-09 This is a settlement of a case of two RPH’s and Rite Aid in the state of Mass.. “reader’s digest” version… pts complained to BOP and state representatives about medication errors happening at a particular store Rite Aid.. enticed, with large sign on bonus, to leave their current employment to […]

Walmart terminating pharmacists in recovery

Subject: Walmart terminating pharmacists in recovery. Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 08:33:47 -0400 From: Rick@beliveau-fradette.com To: jpgakis@hotmail.com Jim, I’m an attorney and a pharmacist and I represent seven fired Wal-Mart pharmacists in recovery. I’m looking for more pharmacists fired from Wal-Mart. Anything you can do to get the word out would be appreciated. Rick Sincerely, […]