Congressional Budget Office – report on “the cost” of Obamacare

According to a Fox News Report

With the implementation of Obamacare, there will be 3 million more people UNINSURED and the dollars allocated to paid for Medicare services will be LESS THAN CURRENTLY PAID FOR BY MEDICAID..

Two things that are of concern here…

1. Medicare is all the old and disabled in our society… so we are cutting the availability of healthcare services and/or the quality of the healthcare personnel providing these services.

2. There are 10,000 “baby boomers” going on Medicare EVERY DAY. This started Jan 1, 2011.  These are the same people that have been able to change many things in our society from the days they were born… by their sheer numbers… and later with their opinions and actions in their teens and early adulthood.

These were the same people who were able to cause huge public demonstrations … without the communication vehicles (social media) that is currently available. Just imagine what they could be capable of doing today with a small percent of this population being technically savvy and helping to organize those other baby boomers who have the technology…but are smart enough to read emails and/or texts…

Certain politicians may end up finding out the hard way… about the influence of this very large group as they join the already large existing group of Seniors.



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