45,000 die of hospital/nursing home acquired infections.. and this is why ?

Yuck, Wash Your Hands! http://www.pharmacypracticenews.com/Clinical/Article/04-16/Yuck-Wash-Your-Hands-/35981/ses=ogst By now, one would think that all health care workers know the importance of washing their hands, yet a recent study found that staff at outpatient care facilities fail to follow recommendations for hand hygiene 37% of the time, and for safe injection practices 33% of the time, even after […]

No matter how BLEAK the outcome… STAY THE COURSE ?

DEA, law enforcement offer bleak outlook on opioid epidemic at Va. event http://wtop.com/loudoun-county/2016/04/dea-law-enforcement-offer-bleak-outlook-on-opioid-epidemic-at-va-event/ MOST ENTITIES THAT CONTINUE TO FAIL THEIR BUSINESS PLAN… NORMALLY GOES OUT OF BUSINESS OR DECLARES BANKRUPTCY… NOT THE DEA… GIVE US MORE MONEY SO THAT WE CAN CONTINUE TO FAIL.. 45 YRS AND COUNTING !  WASHINGTON — The opioid epidemic is […]

A hour of listening well spent


On April 21st… on average 46 people died of a opiate related overdose

ONLY ONE WARRANTS  A FULL BLOWN INVESTIGATION… AND THAT IS BECAUSE SOME LIVES LOST ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN OTHERS ? Authorities raid Minnesota Walgreens where Prince reportedly picked up prescriptions for heavy-duty medications http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/prince-hit-rehab-percocet-addiction-heavy-duty-rx-diet-article-1.2619277 The surprise search warrant was served Thursday at the Walgreens near Paisley Park where the superstar singer was spotted four times […]

Maine Legislature OVER-RODE GOV LePage’s opiophobic veto on Naloxone.

Maine Governor Loses Fight Over Heroin Overdose Antidote http://www.vocativ.com/314252/maine-governor-loses-fight-over-heroin-overdose-antidote/ The Maine legislature on Friday overturned Governor Gary LePage’s veto of a bill that would allow pharmacies to sell an opiate-overdose antidote without a prescription By James King Apr 29, 2016 at 6:16 PM ET   Spencer Platt On Friday, the Maine legislature voted with a […]

“death panels”… restricted access to care … what is in a name ?

Medicare Is Getting A Serious Makeover http://thinkprogress.org/health/2016/04/29/3773965/medicare-getting-major-makeover/ Medicare wants to shift away from paying doctors according to number of visits, procedures, hospitalizations, and tests — and toward paying for performance. This week, Medicare officials unveiled an ambitious plan to do just that. The nearly thousand-page report proposes an opt-in track for doctors called the “merit-based […]

If we treated our pets like this… we would be put in jail ?

This is a HANDBILL that reportedly was passed out in the Chicago , IL area on April 27th & 28th. As has been routinely reported by Pharmacists/Techs that work for the other major – and not so major – chains. Working conditions vary very little between locations.  You ask, if they are unhappy about their […]

Standard Operating Procedures for Federal Agencies ?

Public Citizen Sues FDA Over Redacted Advisory Committee Info http://www.raps.org/Regulatory-Focus/News/2016/04/28/24843/Public-Citizen-Sues-FDA-Over-Redacted-Advisory-Committee-Info/#sthash.mwWklDyV.s39ZnvAZ.dpuf The consumer advocacy group Public Citizen is suing the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in federal court over the agency’s practice of redacting information in the curricula vitae (CV) of its advisory committee members. Public Citizen alleges that the redactions mask information about these […]

Scott County Indiana and their opiate epidemic

When you turn a MEDICAL PROBLEM over to LAW ENFORCEMENT to take care of … you get a LAW ENFORCEMENT SOLUTION.  Which will never solve a medical problem… but.. will guarantee LAW ENFORCEMENT continued EMPLOYMENT.  

They say history repeats itself ?

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_T4# This poster (from around 1938) reads: “60,000 Reichsmark is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the People’s community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too. Read ‘[A] New People‘, the monthly magazine of the Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP.” Action T4 (German: Aktion T4, pronounced [akˈtsi̯oːn […]