If we treated our pets like this… we would be put in jail ?


This is a HANDBILL that reportedly was passed out in the Chicago , IL area on April 27th & 28th. As has been routinely reported by Pharmacists/Techs that work for the other major – and not so major – chains. Working conditions vary very little between locations.  You ask, if they are unhappy about their work environment… why don’t they find another job… since chains collectively operate 60%-70% of all community pharmacy outlets… it is pretty much senseless to move from one horrible work environment to another.

I have yet to hear from a Pharmacist/Tech that has been able to get off of the “chain treadmill” and find a position with a Independent Pharmacy that they regretted the move.

Some of us believe that … “A Tired Pharmacist/Tech is a Dangerous Pharmacist/Tech…”

Have you ever asked yourself.. if all these Pharmacists/Techs don’t care enough to take care of their own personal health.. do they really care about your health ?

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