United States of Amazon – I watched this .. could hardly keep my mouth from DROPPING OPEN

www.foxnation.com Last night I was watching Tucker Carlson Tonight, because of it being a holiday show… he was showing “clips” from some of his Tucker Carlson Today stories which is on their streaming subscription service. One clip was concerning Amy Nelson and her Husband, who was and executive for Amazon Web Service – Amazon’s Cloud […]

If Roz Brewer and Karen Lynch were on Under Cover Boss -A PARODY

WHO: 250 confirmed cases of monkeypox out of 8 billion world population: “moderate” public health risk

WHO labels monkeypox a ‘moderate’ public health risk https://www.who.int/emergencies/disease-outbreak-news/item/2022-DON388 The World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled monkeypox a “moderate” public health risk, after more than 250 confirmed cases were reported across the globe. In a statement on Sunday, the health agency said monkeypox is a “moderate” public health risk because it has been reported in varying […]

How to Enforce Health Laws

How to Enforce Health Laws https://www.daily-remedy.com/how-to-enforce-health-laws/ Entrepreneurs will tell you success is in the execution. Anyone can come up with an idea, but the execution of it separates the pretenders from the real empire builders. The same goes for many healthcare laws, which have undergone radical revisions in recent weeks. The laws may have changed, […]

State AG Perspective: Exposing the Truth – as attorneys understand the pharmaceutical industry

State AG Perspective: Exposing the Truth https://www.industrydocuments.ucsf.edu/blog/ Guest post by California Attorney General Rob Bonta, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong, Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, New Hampshire Attorney General John […]

FAILURE: the government’s ability to deal with opiate abuse and OD’s for the last CENTURY PLUS

This showed up in my inbox today.  This letter was dated before the CDC 2016 guidelines were published. We really don’t know when those guidelines were actually created… since there was NO PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD.  According to the date on this letter,  at least the 6 members of the House of Representatives that signed this […]

Best Documentary Film

Winner ! Best documentary film March 2022 . A film by Toronto filmmakers Tina Petrova and Eugene Weis – Pain Warriors. Now streaming on Amazon

Did Fauci and Collins Collect Big Pharma Royalties?

Did Fauci and Collins Collect Big Pharma Royalties? https://patriotpost.us/articles/88360-did-fauci-and-collins-collect-big-pharma-royalties-2022-05-16 Records show that NIH researchers received over $350 million in royalty payments from 2010 to 2020 A newly acquired Freedom of Information Act request report reveals that from 2010 to 2020, individuals at the National Institutes of Health received an awful lot of money in royalty […]

Monkeypox… or just old MONKEY BUSINESS ?

Crane Stephen Landis, MBA, JD So… the ONLY thing that has been reported through the Mainstream Media is that a small number of cases have been found in the US – which is somewhat a new phenomenon, since it’s disease usually limited to Africa. Additionally, those few cases seem to be of some concern, because […]

undiagnosed/untreated mental health can kill people, including 50K suicides and 1 Mil attempts