Indiana on track to have 150% more pharmacy robberies in 2016 than 2015

  With 68 pharmacy robberies during the first five months of 2015, Indiana has twice as many pharmacy robberies as California and more than five times more than Texas. In 2014, Indiana had 78 pharmacy robberies. So far in 2015.. there has been more robberies in Indiana than the NEXT TWO STATES Pence and […]

Knowing your rights

Knowing your rights This is the front page of a brochure that I received from our Medicare Part D program. All providers involved with Medicare are now subject to a STAR RATING SYSTEM.. If you are unhappy with your provider of services covered by Medicare and you don’t complain… they will continue to get […]

Addiction in America: Heroin for seniors?

  Watch the latest video at Addiction in America: Heroin for seniors? When you take away chronic pain pts’ necessary medication… they seek alternatives… not knowing what they are doing… they OVERDOSE… of course, when you talk to someone who runs an addiction facility… properly treating a pt’s chronic pain with opiates… is […]

Cover your ass.. because they are covering theirs Have you ever had someone tell you that you must do something or can’t do something only to find out later that they lied to you… but.. it was a area that your knowledge was rather limited and could not call them out at the time ? It has been reported that Walgreen’s computer […]

passing along…

Give your all.. so that they can deny their all ?


Another EPIDEMIC that we are BLIND to .. 23,000 deaths each year

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Antibiotic Resistance By SABRINA TAVERNISE, ERICA GOODE and DENISE GRADYMAY 27, 2016 The idea of people dying from infections that were once easily cured may seem outlandish. But it is happening already — taking about 23,000 lives in the United States a year — and experts warn that things […]

Another human rights violation caused by the war on drugs ?

Hello!  My name is K.  We have never meet, but hearing your passion for the pain community has made me reach out. I have been an opiate med user for 5 years.  I had a 2 year break in there where I was able to get off the meds.  The two years I was off […]

Where did we lose our way ?

Where did we lose our way ? found in our news files dates August 16, 1945, the day after the Japanese surrendered and World War II ended, “The guns are silent now and so are many of the men whose hands once held them. Never again will they see their wives or mothers. Never again […]

Guilty until proven innocent – Highway robbery American style