Cover your ass.. because they are covering theirs


Have you ever had someone tell you that you must do something or can’t do something only to find out later that they lied to you… but.. it was a area that your knowledge was rather limited and could not call them out at the time ?

It has been reported that Walgreen’s computer system and corporate policies allow a single Pharmacist to BLACK BALL a pt in their system and all Walgreen Pharmacists through out their 8500 stores are required to honor that BLACK BALL and that the only person that can remove that BLACK BALL FLAG is the Pharmacist first entered it.

Some chain stores will chose to BLACK BALL a single or group of prescribers and either direct their Pharmacists to reject all prescriptions from those prescribers or just all controlled medications from those prescribers.

I have been told of some rather inventive “reasons/excuses” why a Pharmacist cannot fill a prescription. I have even had stories related where when the Pharmacist was challenged latter by upper management… could not remember what was said, done or lied about what was said or done.  One recent story, the Pharmacist stated that phone calls were made and when the corporation reviewed its phone records, no phone calls had been made to the number(s) the Pharmacist stated was made.

Some Boards of Pharmacy or corporate management may consider lying to pts unprofessional conduct. If you don’t have a video/audio recording of what was said/done… how are you going to prove it. There is a saying in “medicine” … “.. if it is not documented.. it did not happen …”

There are a dozen states that have “two-party” recording laws…but.. those states the laws were written when land-lines were the primary means of private communication.  Who believes that standing at the Rx dept register has any hopes of privacy ? Besides, if you notice there are dozens of video cameras watching/recording your ever move in just about every retail outlet.

Remember… there is a WAR ON DRUGS going on since 1970 and those pts that have a valid medical need for controlled medications have become collateral damage of this war. Being a passive patient, will only assure that you will get “taken out”.


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  1. have 3 pens already,,,for 4 years now,,and that is exactly how I kept my pain management 2 years ago,,,1 nurse who did not like me,,,refuse to make an appoint for me,,,2 years later,,,i get a nasty gram from my doctor of 15 years,,,telling me I needed to find a new doctor,,find a primary to prescribe my meds,,Well,,that was my Christmas,,,I cried and cried,, my life I thought was over,,,,,however,,,I wrote my doctor a registered letter,,,because this nurse refused to give him any messages I called,,,in thee letter I wrote him,,,I told him I RECORDED every time I called in my medicine 1nce a month,,requesting an appointment,,,,guess what,,,i got back my doctor and he saw me face to face in 3 days,,That nurse used my lack of appointments as her excuse to him to drop me,,what a deceitful bitch,,,she tried to literally set me up…sooo,,,these devices work,,and may save your life,,,it did mine,,,,maryw

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