Save money… avoid fines… pay/encourage customers to check your shelves of expired products !

It would appear that encouraging customers to find expired products on the shelf and get a $2.00 store coupon for turning them in. If the customers pick out all the products and they are not sold.. I guess that you circumvent the law for selling expired products, and keep from having to pay staff  to […]

Understanding DUR Management

Understanding DUR Management From the booklet Introduction Page 3  – When a prescription is processed through the pharmacy system, the system automatically checks for eleven different types of possible Drug Utilization Review (DUR) occurrences. As a Pharmacist, you are responsible for addressing all DUR occurrences. Page 12 –Policy Statement – Pharmacies have a professional responsibility […]

Could this explain why Pharmacists don’t have any backbones?

Caution .. at the end, there is a graphic picture of violence I’m just saying !!!

Wouldn’t it be nice if all BOP’s were on the same page? From the “limitations” at the bottom of the ad *You must join the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards™ program to earn Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards™ and you must also be an ExtraCare® member. Each person must sign a HIPAA Authorization to join, even if you share an ExtraCare card. You must re-sign the […]

It is hard to believe HSN claims to have sold 40 K of these pen/cameras  Who would want to COVERTLY  do 1.5 hrs of video/audio in 720P hands free with a pen in your pocket? A pen that actually functions as a normal ball point pen! and all it takes is to push the button on the top of […]

now is your chance to have your say… on Hydrocodone schedule change

The FDA has a open comment period until midnight Friday ( Feb1, 2013) on the moving of Hydrocodone to C-II You can make your comments on line!searchResults;rpp=25;po=0;s=FDA-2012-N-0548;fp=true;ns=true Time to get off sitting on your hands

A new Pharmacist blog… This blog appeared to have been started in the last week…and I just stumbled on to it… Seems like another example that once something  is said/done by a corporation.. even if  later proven  wrong.. everything is in indelible ink… According to this poster.. it would appear that the policies and procedures of the hospital […]

This analogy is beyond great…

Young Gun posted this comment under my post of Are Opiates Really Addicting And I think that it is so good that I would bring it forward as a post hopefully that  more people to read… IMO.. it is a great analogy on how our society slices and dices addictions… damning some and praising/rewarding others… […]

A window of opportunity

I have been contacted by a medical reporter from a national paper – no, not the ENQUIRER – He is interested in doing a story on the swing from shortage to surplus of RPH’s in less than 10 yrs and how it is impacting the profession. He is looking for people who had to have […]

They “smell” money – not another pharmacy school !

I just love my email… via my blog… I have thousands of eyes seeing/reading stuff and sending me links.. My email is like a box of chocolates… you just never know what you are going to find.. This article showed up this AM… From the article: The University at Buffalo is the only other […]