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This blog appeared to have been started in the last week…and I just stumbled on to it… Seems like another example that once something  is said/done by a corporation.. even if  later proven  wrong.. everything is in indelible ink…

According to this poster.. it would appear that the policies and procedures of the hospital were followed… but the OH BOP sanctioned the hospital for what the RPH was discharged for… OPS.. we were wrong… we won’t change our records… sorry we destroyed your financial/professional life…

No one is perfect.. but.. don’t ask us to admit that we aren’t… Another collateral damage of the surplus ?

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  1. Thank you, pharmacist Steve.

  2. So, Jaded RPh is going to set up a legal defense fund. I have no experience with this but can one of your ‘people’ talk to ‘people’ to help this guy set this up? See his blog…

  3. I get your point. However, I also understand the concept The Pharmacy Alliance puts forth is not workable because these same pharmacists are afraid to stand up. What if we changed that organization to a defense fund?
    My suggestion is to have either you or JP do a blog post on the topic of a defense fund for those who have been fired for standing up for their own dignity & integrity or in the case of Jaded RPh, someone who has been exonerated of all charges but the Ohio Board has acted irresponsibly & has caused direct harm.

    • Right now there is a group of attorneys on the east coast that are working on a contingency basis with a lawsuit against one of the major chains, but talking to RPH’s from all chains that are having similar problems. It seems like someone opened the gate this week and the number of RPH’s coming forward is create a back log in talking to them. These attorneys are in contact with attorneys in other states they are not licensed in.. to refer RPH’s to for further action. Right now, all efforts are focused on getting RPh’s to come forward and talk.. on the record, off the record, or anonymously.

  4. Steve – is there any way to mobilize a legal defense fund for this guy?

    • Everyone perceives that they are walking on thin ice. IMO .. Individually and collectively we are at a crisis or near crisis level.
      Right now, the largest and hopefully the successful lawsuit out there is working its way through the system for 1.5 yrs. hopefully, it will get to trial this year.. Maybe..maybe not.. I have been contacted by six RPh’s from one chain this week seeking legal help. .. Referral..
      Corporate pharmacy is continuing on with business as usual while this trial drags on. IMO. Getting a large number of rphs to make a contribution I don’t think would happen. If every Rph could come forward with $100 each .. A war chest of 20-30 million could be generated. Taking one case would probably take. Upwards of one million..
      I am open to suggestions

  5. Thank you for mentioning my blog. My situation, I’m finding very quickly, is not unique. I’ve found countless stories from pharmacists who have been destroyed by the companies to which they once gave their minds, their bodies, and their souls.

    The collateral damage of my professional and person life means nothing to my little Ohio hospital nor my former director (who I honestly looked at as my best friend until this whole thing happened. These companies do pay us well but with that pay comes the expectation that when stuff hits the fan, we are smacked down and left for dead.

    The sad part now is that with no job and no money, I would give my soul once more to one of these heartless corporations just so I can keep my family and household from being completely destroyed.

    And what does that say about me?

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