RPH’s written up for doing what a professional Pharmacist is suppose to do

Medical errors kills 100,000 people every year and estimates that >1,000,000 people are harmed by medication mistakes. That is equivalent to a full size commercial airliner falling out of the sky and kills everyone aboard EVERY DAY. Click to access Medical_Negligence_Primer.pdf http://www.nytimes.com/2002/12/18/opinion/errors-that-kill-medical-patients.html Errors, those who make them and those who are harmed by them are […]

Bay Area Nurses go on strike – one death claimed to be related to substitute nurse

Our health care system kills ~ 100,000 patients every year by medical mistakes -that’s over 10/hr -24hr/day – 7 days/wk and over 1,000,000 are harmed by medication mistakes. Yet we hear very little about all of this. A group of nurses go on strike and MAYBE one patient dies because of the action of one […]

Chain stores “buy silence” from patients that are given wrong drugs and harmed

Many lawsuits against pharmacies settled in silence 100,000 people are killed annually from medical errors and > 1,000,000 are harmed by medication errors http://abcnews.go.com/Business/story?id=4287776&page=1 10/01/2011 Walgreen buries another one of its customers along with the settlement suzie.schottelkotte@theledger.com

Is the Texas Board of Pharmacy trying to “weed out” indy pharmacies?

Is the Texas Board of Pharmacy trying to “weed out” indy pharmacies? Texas Pharmacy Board Update: Crackdown on Houston Independent Pharmacies Continues Has anyone checked on the number of chain execs that are sitting on this board? What would possess a board to discriminate against a class of pharmacies/pharmacists?

There may some hope in diagnosing chronic pain

Working on a test to measure pain 🙂 ….. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/234362.php

Educated in America – NOT!

Here are some figures: H1b Applications for the big three. First figure is for decade 2000-2010. Second figure is just for 2010. CVS- 5489 488 Rite-Aid- 4440 245 Walgreen-s 1649 27 Ever walk up to or call a Rx dept in one of the chain stores and the Pharmacist you are having difficulty in communicating.. […]

275 people killed every day for the last year

How about that for a headline for the daily newspaper… It is not drug overdoses It is not drunken drivers It is the number of people that MEDICAL MISTAKES kill EVERY YEAR…. around 100,000 every year Do these mistakes continue to happen because of over-tired, distracted and healthcare professionals being forced to multitask beyond what […]

Your Pharmacist could be DANGEROUS to YOUR HEALTH

We all know about distracted drivers, texting, cellphones and we are all aware of impaired drivers – medications, illegal drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep. The Pharmacist filling your prescription may be suffering from one or more of these conditions. Distracted – the typical Pharmacist has to oversee 3-4 or more technicians… having to keep a […]

Here is how Walgreen “protects” their employees & customers

Walgreens fires a Pharmacist for defending himself, after armed masked robber tried to shoot him. At first they praised the Pharmacist, then turned around and fired him. The above statement clearly states that they are more interested in APPREHENDING a robber after the fact than preventing a robbery in the first place. Like those that […]