Educated in America – NOT!

Here are some figures: H1b Applications for the big three. First figure is for decade 2000-2010. Second figure is just for 2010.
CVS- 5489 488
Rite-Aid- 4440 245
Walgreen-s 1649 27

Ever walk up to or call a Rx dept in one of the chain stores and the Pharmacist you are having difficulty in communicating.. because the Pharmacist’s first language is NOT ENGLISH and is not very proficient in English. The above numbers are the number of H1b visas Pharmacist that these chain stores brought to the US. The H1b visa is only good for a few years and generally, the vast majority of the money they make are sent back to their families back in the home country… so they are no only keeping American trained Pharmacists from being employed.. we are “exporting” the money that we are paying them.

So when you are told to “shop local”… should you consider your “local chain store”… where their profits go back to corporate head quarters and some of the wages paid.. are sent out of the country…

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