The grass maybe greener

All of us have often heard that phrase.. but.. what they don’t tell you is that the grass is greener because there are more COW PATTIES over there..  nothing like a natural fertilizer From the article: There is a large body of research on occupational burnout in general and physicians in particular, one which […]

For Profit healthcare at its best ?

Humana reveals to investors how it pays physicians From the Article: As part of what Humana CEO Michael McCallister described as his company’s plans to push an integrated care delivery model “as far and as fast as we can take it,” the insurer said it wanted to satisfy investors by showing its progress in […]

Don’t make us compete with the rest of the world

Mississippi State Board of Pharmacy Backs Down After PCMA Threatens Lawsuit From the article: The overreach by the Mississippi BoP and ensuing legal challenge by the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) should give policymakers in other states pause when considering granting sweeping new authority to state boards of pharmacy, the association said today. The […]

No they don’t hate you ! Why Do They Hate Us.. Pharmacy Chick told a story of a former indy RPH who had sold his store to a chain store and agreed to work for them.. basically .. initially everything was wine & roses.. Then it appeared that once the RPH and his staff from his indy store had enough […]

Liberty Medical “financial boat” taking on water From the Article: The Chapter 11 filing should freeze payments that have been made since November by Liberty to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It asserts that Liberty was overpaid and is demanding restitution. Harvey said Liberty disputes the center’s claim, but had to begin paying even before a hearing is […]

We cannot be a Pitbull

I notice a common factor among new members to The Pharmacy Alliance  ( ) they want to make something happen NOW ! If entities like APHA, NCPA, NACDS & ASHP with their tens of thousands of members and huge budgets can’t always get things going their way.. even when they “join together” on a […]

Hospital pays employees $250 each to watch 11 minute video From the article: Massachusetts General Hospital wanted its 22,000 employees to watch an 11-minute video teaching the basics of customer service. But executives felt it would send a strange message to make niceness training mandatory — and then penalize staff for not participating. So instead, they offered employees a $250 bonus to view the […]

Mississippi State Board of Pharmacy Backs Down After PCMA Threatens Lawsuit From the article: Allowing pharmacy boards to regulate PBMs creates a conflict of interest since the Board members are pharmacists – a group which contracts with PBMs and could financially benefit from the policies they set. The Federal Trade Commission warned the Mississippi legislature when it transferred regulatory authority from the Insurance Commission to […]

Is a fix seeking addict better than a functioning addict ?

Our society is accepting of or tolerant of numerous addictions…  gambling, sex, work, alcohol, tobacco … and on and on … Just look around any working environment and every few hours probably 20%-25% of the employees have to take a “smoking break”… or more appropriately a “nicotine fix”.. I see employees standing out in the […]

Another day.. another fine for CVS… more med errors at CVS.. YAWN !!

CVS will pay $650,000 to resolve prescription medication errors in N.J. From the article: These incidents took place at five CVS pharmacies in Morris, Union and Camden counties on various dates between Dec. 2011 and March 24, 2012. As part of its agreement, CVS has retrained staff members, increased oversight and quality assurance measures, […]