We cannot be a Pitbull

I notice a common factor among new members to The Pharmacy Alliance  ( www.thepharmacyalliance.com ) they want to make something happen NOW !

If entities like APHA, NCPA, NACDS & ASHP with their tens of thousands of members and huge budgets can’t always get things going their way.. even when they “join together” on a particular project.. if they get something changed.. it takes like it seems forever.

Twenty years ago, I was on the BOD of the my state’s association. Indiana has a alternating long and short legislative session on a annual basis. The long session is usually when the major things happen, the short session … not so much… Several state pharmacy groups had pooled their monies together to “fight”  for a particular legislative issues that there was a common interest. After the legislative session was over,  I went to a monthly board meeting and as I entered the room their was a rather celebratory atmosphere.  I ask what was with all the “upbeat” attitude in the room… I was quickly informed that we “had not lost any ground in the legislature”.. The lobbying spent – back 20 yrs ago – was some 60K.. and everyone ( except me)  was happy that the status quo was maintained. We spent an amount equal to what a couple of RPH’s would earn for a year… and after a 120 days legislative session… we were where we started?

When any entity is taking on a large establishment.. that has been doing things the same way for centuries.. they resist any change.


This shark attack incident today in New Zealand.. it a good example of making very highly visible attack… The “establishment” – the police – unloaded their weapons on the shark. The poor victim died, but the shark may not have another day to “hunt”.

I think that the way termites attacks a structure is much more insidious.. they work together, one small bite at a time… until the structure implodes..

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