Was George Orwell a futurist and we are seeing it now 40 yrs later?

Protesters gather to speak out against pharmacy benefit managers

https://fox2now.com/news/contact-2/protesters-gather-to-speak-out-against-pharmacy-benefit-managers/ ST. LOUIS – Dozens of protestors are making sure they were seen and heard Friday morning outside Express Scripts in north St. Louis County.  They say pharmacy benefit managers, like Express Scripts, are manipulating drug prices, steering patients to their own mail and retail pharmacies and creating obstacles for patient access. Park Hills, Mo., resident […]

GA Governor Kemp veto bill to prevent PBM from paying indy pharmacies less than chains get paid

On ‘This Week in Pharmacy’ we’re blowing the doors off the story in Georgia how Owners of independent pharmacies are criticizing Governor Brian Kemp’s decision this week to veto legislation aimed at rectifying a situation that has left them at a competitive disadvantage with pharmacy chains. We’re also talking about Identification Technolgies driven by A.I., […]

Pharmacies sharing medical records without warrants

A shocking revelation by Congress is calling into question Americans’ right to privacy about their health, and if private medical data can be used criminally against you. In a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services, lawmakers share their concerns over how the nation’s largest pharmacy chains handle requests for records from law […]

Lobbyists for PBMs come to a legislature bringing LIES and $$$ for re-election campaign funding

https://www.wjfw.com/news/it-has-everything-to-do-with-politics-and-money-and-had-nothing-to-do-with/article_65021442-0f0b-11ef-8231-7fc629d78536.html Pharmacy benefit managers or PBMs for short, now wield nearly limitless power and influence over the prescription drug market owning at least 85% of pharmaceutical industry. Their tight grip on the market has allowed them to engage in unfair pricing practices with very little oversight. They can raise the price you and your insurance […]

A Philadelphia pharmacy’s closure after 26 years highlights the industry’s growing challenges

A Philadelphia pharmacy’s closure after 26 years highlights the industry’s growing challenges https://www.dailyitem.com/wire/business/a-philadelphia-pharmacy-s-closure-after-26-years-highlights-the-industry-s-growing-challenges/article_156e7cfc-4a50-522d-b99a-2212bb3b1f92.amp.html Last Monday, Friendly Pharmacy filled 318 prescriptions. For about 100 of them, insurance companies paid the pharmacy less than $3. In 22 instances that day, the reimbursement was less than the cost of the medication. And that’s just among the prescriptions that […]

FDA issues ‘most serious type of recall’ for insulin pump-related iOS app

FDA issues ‘most serious type of recall’ for insulin pump-related iOS app https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/other/fda-issues-most-serious-type-of-recall-for-insulin-pump-related-ios-app/ar-BB1mg98J The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a Class I “most serious type of recall” for an iOS app used in conjunction with an insulin pump. The “correction” as referred to by the FDA on Wednesday, rather than a product removal, […]

bye-bye so sad

Be careful what you post in titles. I  have a post concerning a chronic pain pt Robert Charles Foster who had lost his pain meds and ended up getting cops to end his pain FOR GOOD. Apparently, there was a couple of words in the title that did not meet FB’s “community standards” and they […]

PBMs are now often more profitable than the drug manufacturers and insurance companies they work with

Editorial: To save local pharmacies, state must rein in the middlemen https://www.post-gazette.com/opinion/editorials/2024/05/09/pharmacy-benefit-manager-reform-insurance-reimbursements-express-scripts/stories/202405090037 Pharmacies in Western Pennsylvania are closing at an alarming clip, pushed out of business by a complex, opaque and utterly broken medication reimbursement system. The state legislature, following the recommendation of Gov. Josh Shapiro, must act to bring transparency and accountability to the […]

Who are you being referred to for additional care or services

  you may have to click on graphic to properly enlarge it Vertical integration visualized https://ncpa.org/newsroom/qam/2024/05/08/vertical-integration-visualized We all know what it means, but what does it look like? Each year Drug Channels updates its chart of vertically integrated insurers, PBMs, specialty pharmacies, and providers—all of which, Drug Channels editors point out, face renewed scrutiny from […]