Could this be where Obamacare is taking us?

Canadian Family in Life Support Battle Denied Request for Hospital Transfer In Canada .. a court … ORDERED parents to remove life support from their sick child… basically ORDERED the parents to KILL THEIR CHILD… apparently all in order to save money.

Someone is finally printing the truth on drug overdoses

The normal report shows only the increase in drug overdoses … and almost exclusively each is labeled as ACCIDENTAL… this study shows that INTENTIONAL suicide/overdose has increase 3-4 times the rate of ACCIDENTAL overdoses… Could this be because of under/untreated pain and under/untreated mental health issues? Feb. 16–This is part seven of a multi-part series […]

Scott proposing repeal of Fla. drug tracking law

Scott proposing repeal of Fla. drug tracking law Nothing like being the largest state in the country without a active controlled medication drug database and its new governor wants to stop the program before it gets going. Maybe this is the way that Governor Scott is going to help increase tax revenues in Florida… […]

Pregnant Woman Gets Abortion Drug Instead of Antibiotic If you read this in detail… it boils down to the person being given the meds for someone with a similar name… not mis-filled …but wrong bag on will call was given to her… she noticed that name on label was not hers and took one tablet… Methotrexate is normally dosed as multiple tabs […]

Hydrocodone & Phenobarb tablets recalled

MedWatch safety alert from the FDA Qualitest Pharmaceuticals issued a voluntary nationwide recall of Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Tablets. An individual bottle was found incorrectly labeled with a Phenobarbital Tablets. As a result of this mix-up patients may unintentionally take Hydrocodone and acetaminophen tablets, instead of the intended dose of Phenobarbital. Unintentional administration of Hydrocodone […]