How bureaucrats respond when a family member is abusing some substance and/or OD’s ?

Just have someone (bureaucrat) with some degree of political power that has a family member that ends up abusing some potentially addictive substance and they will exercise any and all power/influence they can muster up to solve this problem – never mind that the particular family member has some undiagnosed/untreated mental health issues… they really […]

PBM Express Scripts: auto refill mail order Rxs every 60 days for a 90 days supply each pt got 73% more meds in 12 months than needed.

PBM faces suit over alleged ‘refill pill mill’ scheme Express Scripts is facing a lawsuit under the False Claims Act on charges that it delivered pointless prescribed drugs to military personnel, bilking the federal authorities and distributors out of billions of dollars. A whistleblower claims the company’s software was allegedly set up to refill […]

SCOTUS starting to tell various federal enforcement agencies to “stay in their lane” and stop creating new regulations without statutory authority

Not everyone can see the “few degrees of separation” for different things that our Federal government does and how it will/could affect what other parts of the Federal government can be able to do and/or could be challenged in our courts that they can no longer go forward with “business as usual”. Recent decisions by […]

Is it reasonable to have a person who is running to represent people in Congress to share their position on a issue ? Ms Houchin, Could you please share your position on the war on drugs and all the illegal fentanyl coming across our SW border from China & Mexico cartels and 70K-75K/yr dying from illegal opiate poisoning ? There is a estimated 100+ million people dealing with chronic pain and that could suggests that in Indiana […]

CVS, Walmart and Rite Aid Limit Purchases of Plan B Pills After Surge in Demand

As a Pharmacist, I am concerned that  women who use this methodology very frequently – more than once-twice a month. While it sounds rather simplistic of preventing ovulation and/or preventing a fertilized egg ( Zygote ) from attaching to the uterus. These meds, disrupts a woman natural hormonal cycles.  The same as a higher and […]

No matter what the politicians say… the optics and numbers about the opiate epidemic remain the same.

Lawmakers Pummel Biden’s Drug Policy Czar at House Hearing — GOP and Democratic members raise issues with border control, medication-assisted treatment WASHINGTON — Rahul Gupta, MD, MPH, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, got hit from all sides Monday at a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing on […]


The illegal Fentanyl from China is killing more American EACH YEAR… than all the soldier killed in ALL THE YEARS of the Vietnam war, everyone killed at the attack on Pearl Harbor and all the people killed at 911  TOGETHER… Now that the SCOTUS has declared that DOJ/DEA is incorrectly/illegally charging many prescribers of prescribing […]

Supreme Court Rules for Doctors on ‘Pill Mill’ Prosecution Proof: 9 to 0 in favor of practitioners

The link below is to the 33 page 9-0 decision and the text in this blog post is a synopsis from someone else. I have said for years that a potential solution to the war on pts by the DOJ/DEA… would involve law firms and lawsuits.  It is not often that  SCOTUS comes out in […]

‘Let’s get this done,’ Mark Cuban tells Biden on Medicare savings study – based on questionable pricing data ?

  I love math issues… let’s look at this example .. Medicare pays for how many doses of 20 mg or 40 mg ? I checked on in my zip code lowest available price # 30 doses 20mg $0.25 each $ 7.42 & 40 mg $0.13 each $3.89 Cost Plus Drug Co. #30 @ […]

Will CVS Health Be a Positive Disruptor to Primary Care?

Will CVS Health Be a Positive Disruptor to Primary Care? — Complex incentives pose reasons to approach this new model with caution While working at one of the nation’s largest safety-net hospitals, I experienced first-hand how difficult it can be for people to access medical care. For many providers, the story of the patient […]