Listen to Larry Merlo BLOVIATE about how great CVS/Caremark is

Here is a video from DRUG STORE NEWS How wonderful CVS/Caremark is in IMPROVING patient health and lowering costs… I guess … to get to this point.. you have to ignore all the mistakes

Meet Joe Zorek .. a RPH with a “brass pair”

Here is a article from the ABC station in central PA… It is our old friends at CVS… cutting hours… trying to cover up mistakes… denying everything going wrong and blaming it on the RPH and the Rx staff.. while we all know that CVS has a UNDERSTAFFED/OVERWORKED philosophy for their Rx dept.  Are they […]

The government is here to protect us once again

Here is a article from the CHARLESTON GAZETTE The headline seems rather benign…Senate bill aims to increase drug import safety but when  you read down into the meat of the matter Manchin’s amendment, co-sponsored by Rockefeller and three other senators, would reclassify painkillers such as Vicodin and Lortab as Schedule II drugs, which also affects […]

Rite Aid execs pay jumped sharply

Total pay for Rite Aid Corp.’s (>> Rite Aid Corporation) top executives jumped sharply higher in fiscal 2012 due to long-term cash incentive units that vested after the company reached adjusted earnings targets for the past three years. In a separate press release, Rite Aid disclosed Friday that the company’s board elected President and Chief Executive […]

All the news that is fit to obscure

Back on April 20th .. I made a post on about Walgreens paying a fine for giving gift cards to Medicare/Medicaid/Fed Employees for transferring Rxs.. which the gov considers an inducement to cause the gov “unnecessary” expenses.. The article was in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE.. I don’t know when…but today I was trying to find […]

Oregon Board of Pharmacy has taken a stand

According to a article in THE OREGONIAN … the Oregon Board of pharmacy has taken a stand on under staffing and patient safety.. What is interesting is some of the comments attached to this article… some of the people are totally clueless about what we do… what a shame… What has yet to be seen.. […]

Filling questionable Rxs to make sure that you “make your numbers”

Here is a link to a fellow Rph  (Drug Monkey) concerning a letter that he received from a reportedly CVS employee. In the Sanford, FL situation.. the RPH’s running the store.. didn’t have enough ETHICS to blow the whistle on what was going was a technician Notice that it wasn’t a manager or district […]

NACDS comes out against a BOP enforcing practice act and safe working environment

Here is a article from THE OREGONIAN The BOP is taking up discussions of holding the permit holder more responsible for what goes wrong in the Rx dept. According to the article NACDS… sent a letter in April opposing any changes claiming that  “the rules “subjective and counterproductive.” Here is the proposed rules per the […]

How much is a person’s health/soul/life worth?

When we think about harming a person’s health.. we usually think about making a medication error…  Few of us consider the harm that we are doing to ourselves by “selling our soul” to a corporate master. Lets look at the recent hearing between the NC BOP, 3PX and K*** H***… This Rph was one tech […]

So you think that long hours working is not dangerous?

Here is a article from the NBC station in the Washington DC area. Some Pharmacists believe that if we were unionized.. we would have a safer work environment and not have to work such long hours. Here is a situation where a 911 dispatcher fell asleep in the middle of a phone call.. where the […]