NACDS comes out against a BOP enforcing practice act and safe working environment

Here is a article from THE OREGONIAN

The BOP is taking up discussions of holding the permit holder more responsible for what goes wrong in the Rx dept.

According to the article NACDS… sent a letter in April opposing any changes claiming that  “the rules “subjective and counterproductive.”

Here is the proposed rules per the Oregon BOP’s website

We have the recent outcome with the NC BOP and a RPH that claimed that the working conditions at 3PX was unsafe… and in fact 3PX was allowing RPH’s to work more than 12 hr days and filling more than 150 Rxs/shift…both in violation of the practice act. And what did the BOP do.. gave the RPH, permit holder ( 3PX) and the RPH DM a WARNING LETTER… which is apparently one notch above DOING NOTHING !

Since all practice acts have some commonality … how can two BOP’s have such diverse position in enforcing its practice act?

Since all practice acts holds the PIC as responsible for the legal operation of the Rx dept… is it time to revise these practice acts and provide for a corporate PIC for each state… make someone with a RPH license at the corporate level responsible for what goes on in all the Rx depts in a state…

I wrote about this back in Feb

Has the growth/change of the profession – dominated by chains as opposed to independents – made the practice acts outdated? Are we operating under early 20th century conditions in the 21st century?

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