Filling questionable Rxs to make sure that you “make your numbers”

Here is a link to a fellow Rph  (Drug Monkey) concerning a letter that he received from a reportedly CVS employee.

In the Sanford, FL situation.. the RPH’s running the store.. didn’t have enough ETHICS to blow the whistle on what was going was a technician

Notice that it wasn’t a manager or district supervisor who called attention to the CVS stores in Sanford, FL who were filling ridiculous scripts for Oxycodone and other narcotics from pill mill doctors. They were tickled pink and the gobs of money that were coming out of these stores. If a technician hadn’t blown the whistle and called attention to what was going on, it would still be happening and those stores would still be the most profitable ones in the area.

You have to read the entire post to get all of the details… What is described -IMO – morally/ethically corrupt…at the corporate level..

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  1. Why is it every time I hear a story like this it always involves the same company? CVS is in a class by itself for all the wrong reasons!

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